Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stephen Lawrence Anti-Racism Fanaticism in Britain, Redux: The New York Times It Seems Did Not Get the Memo About How the Internet Has Exposed Their Agenda (And The Facts On Interracial Criminality Not Just in Britain, But Everywhere in the West)

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Stephen Lawrence, the 19-year-old son of Jamaican immigrants to the UK, was knifed to death in 1993 by a group of angry white British kids, supposedly.

This incredibly rare occurrence of white-on-black violent crime in Britannia resulted in millions of miles of column inches and endless soul searching, parliamentary committees, street-renamings, statues to the deceased and the like.

In the USA, we have Rosa Parks and Rodney King; in Great Britain, they have Stephen Lawrence.

Never mind that the alleged crime occurred almost two decades ago: the anti-racist diversity enforcers in the soon-to-be dead UK felt the need to re-try the crime at Old Baily, and Amerika's newspaper of record similarly felt the need to re-shine the spotlight on a crime so statistically unusual that it almost defies belief, in another whitey-be bad puff piece penned by Times communist John Burns and entitled "Racial Justice in Britain on Trial".

From the article :
Today, whites in Britain are about a billion times more likely to be attacked with a knife by non-whites than the other way around. You know that Mister Burns knows this. But he would never say it. Even if his daughter were slashed and raped. The competitive compassion that drives him (and ensures his job security) trumps all practical matters when it comes to the reality of racial dystopia in the New Britain.

Wouldn't it be nice to see just a single New York Times journo with a pair of balls, stand up against the NWO "pensée unique" (politically correct "unique thinking") and write honestly about the truth behind non-majority criminality, in Britain and everywhere in the West?

Is there any chance that such bravery may occur in our lifetimes?

Answer: Don't count on it, not among the elites of the Western World's news organizations anyway. It would be career suicide for them. Sadly, the system for now is too strongly rigged in their favor.

The New York Times: Living The Lie Since 1965.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Both parents have milked this story to the limit and beyond!! They have sold their story to the papers the radio the television, they have been put on the boards of august bodies earning money for being self-made martyrs!! And have made a mint!! But still that vicious old bitch wants her 20 pounds of white flesh!!

If they knew all this stuff at the time, as you mentioned, why was it not done and dusted then?

Thank you for exposing this travesty for what it is: another kick at the white English working class, who have already been kicked to the back of the queue behind the muzzrats and the East Euros!!

Anonymous said...

BBC4 broadcasted a doc on the freaks at the NYT last night, apparently their financial situation is beyond dire, and their internet pay wall really is a last desperate throw of the dice.

The doc features freshly fired sobing freaks clearing their desks for the last time. Its bliss.

Catch it for free at the (BBC iplayer)