Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, November 18, 2011

The NYT Glorifies the "First Lady" In An Unbelievable Display of Patronizing Uplift

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Don't forget that the First Tranny was too dumb to get into Princeton, and that when they did admit her, (excluding some poor higher-IQ white girl in the process), Miss Robinson spent her Princeton campus time devoted to wailing on how racist whitey was, in that ridiculous anti-white thesis we've all cringed over:


Anyway, in another Obama uplift piece published in the sad pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, we have : "First Lady Takes On Role Of Staff Energizer."

I'm too depressed right now to get into it further. Sorry!

Just look at the NYT pick printed today, and read the linked article, you'll see all you need to know what we're talking about :

Michelle "First Time I'm Proud of My Country" Robinson Obama, is one of the most disgusting, ungrateful (to whitey) stomach-turning manifestations of BRA in 2011. If this woman is beautiful, then the masterpiece I just squeezed out in the upstairs toilet is worth billions.

Sorry, shitty post today. Feeling gloomy and uninspired. With sights like that (above), who wouldn't FFS?


Anonymous said...

Eyes hab a dream, to bring all the little white gulls to the little black boys.

Anonymous said...

What anon said - in the pic its a white girl and a black boy. Media images constant exclude white males or paint them in a negative light or put them in subordinate roles to non-whites and white females.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this site! I've hated the nyt for about ten years for the reasons you're elaborating on - AWSOME work here!

Anonymous said...

i second that last comment & all the above comments! @ first blush the comments all seem to be from me, but i'm a different "anonymous":) i found your site today & it felt like coming home - almost like you document my thoughts here, so thank you! i hope you don't get burned out - it's hard to stay optimistic under the constant deluge of DWL claptrap.

Anonymous said...

will you also take on
l.a. times
wash post?

yanmaneee said...
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