Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Operation Solomon (1991): Can Somebody Please Tell Me WTF Is Going On Here?

Apart from the mind-numbing fact that the Israeli Air Force managed to cram almost 1200 black Africans into a 747 in this strange, covert military "repatriation" operation from Ethiopia to Jerusalem, I am totally confused as to how these Africans can be related to the likes of Einstein and Jerry Seinfeld.



Anonymous said...

I read or thought [wrongly?] Jews in Zion didnt want negros in Zion.

i didnt watch the movie you posted.

Anonymous said...

Many destructive ideas typically advocated by Jews evolved in the context of Jews being small, reproductively isolated minorities within ethnically altruistic host societies.
Jews advocated revolutionary ideologies because any resulting societal unrest would tend to destabilize the position of hegemonic social groups (such as Christians, Germans, Russians, WASPs) more so than it would destabilize Jewish communities, which were more closely bound by the feelings of in-group solidarity that traditionally strongly reinforced by Jewish religious practice.

Advocating massive immigration of blacks, promoting miscegenation, supporting idealist-totalitarian doctrines such as feminism, marxism, diversityism, etc. disproportionately damages non-Jewish groups in places like the USA and Europe, where Jews are/were a tiny minority.

But when you have an ethnically defined Jewish state such as "Israel", it obviously has different effects. Importing Ethiopians into Israel will weaken Israel - this fact is recognized by right-wing Israelis, many of whom feel no solidarity with the "Habesha" Ethiopians, whether they claim to be Jewish or not.

Jewish identity is fundamentally related to existing as small, segregated groups in host societies - this was true in ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt, in Imperial Rome, in German cities of the Middle Ages, in the Russian empire of the 19th century, and in the USA today.

Operation Solomon seems to be a legacy of this intellectual stance, made possible by a failure to distinguish between in- and out-groups in a historically new context in which Jews are the majority.

Anonymous said...

Jews aren't White:


Anonymous said...


You don't have any Jewish blood, do you?