Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, November 17, 2011

As The NYT's Pipe Dream of Monetary Egalitarianism For Europe Crashes And Burns, The Times Editorial Board Prints A Shocking Column That Exposes Their Hateful Elitism

"Damn the people!", says Amerika's newspaper of record.

"The people are soulless, unenlightened scum!", they scream.

"The people do not know what is good for them!", insist the four-eyed demagogues of 42nd Street, stamping their feet like frustrated children as their sinister agenda for the destruction of the West faces a hurdle, slowing their plan for its total breakdown, as a handful of courageous dissidents start to speak out louder and louder of the impending implosion of the euro.

The Times' dream-world of currency egalitarianism - even on a limited scale* - is fast unravelling in a besieged Europe.  (*Imagine if the psycho-utopian diversity-enforcers at the New York Times could really get their way, and impose a globalized euro, where European and African economies were considered equal, and thus shared a common currency, as radically different countries in the Europe of Seventeen do now).

Make no mistake: the euro experiment was a SNYTL ("Stuff NYT Likes")-style One Worlder experiment designed to bear out their most radical utopian egalitarian fantasies.

On the Op-Ed page of today's national edition, the crypto-delusional morality athletes of the New York Times' editorial board published an opinion piece entitled "Europe's Contagion".

The first sentence in the 3rd paragraph is all you really need to see to understand the sickeningly condescending and elitist worldview of Amerika's newspaper of record.

From the article : 

You read that right: don't let the people decide, they're stupid. Instead, we must trust the same elites who have basically sold Western Civilization down the river, then everything will be okay.

Because we said so.


- The New York Times Editorial Board


Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE. Gotta love the 'that is not leadership' line. Apply that to race as well- we need to have our stereotypes about 'sloth' challenged by our leaders, too.

rjp said...

Leadership 101: "Leadership" is taking money from one person against their will to give to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

LA TIMES said similar when LePen
almost was nominated years ago..
gawd forbid the little people vote in a way contrary to the elites vision for their extermination!