Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, November 11, 2011

Watch This Video, Be Thankful You Weren't There, Consider The Parallels With Western Civilization


Chick Epstein, the ONE said...

Funny the way the camera man gets the fuck out as soon as he sees what's going on.

Also: I'm not too sure what to think about his decision to continue filming, as opposed to trying to help those poor white trash schmucks getting TFO of that burning hell-whole.

To the blog-owner: you're right, there are parallels to be drawn between this fire and what is happening with the West.

I will leave it up to you to elaborate.

- chuck

Anonymous said...

The fire starts out in a flash, at first people think the flames are part of the act, then the whole club is one giant raging inferno.

You can actually see people wedged in the doorway, with others on top of them, being literally roasted alive in the 6th minute or so.

Horrible, chilling stuff, that no good man good look at without feeling a deep and profound sense of shame.

Indeed, it is the same with Western Civilization: white people, who are directly responsible as a sub-species for 99% of the world as it is today, are so utterly oblivious to the demographic firestorm that is about to engulf them, and that is of their own making.

It is going to be one helluva tragedy. It might could have been prevented, in the same way that the manager of the act at this working white-bread metal head club could in Rhode Island might have had the foresight to realize that igniting pyrotechnics in a crowded club with lots of flammable insulation on the walls was a bad idea.

Ditto for the Western elites: it might have been a bad idea to import gazillions of non-whites, virtually 99% of whom were indirectly CREATED by white people in the first place (technology, medicine, infrastructure), into historically Euro-nations.

Get ready for mayhem people. It will take a little time, but at the 6th minute, their will be roasting in the hallways.

Anonymous said...

Why Is There a Video of the Station Nightclub Fire in Crimes of the Times?.
Im new here....
I live in soviet monika..
tell me more

Anonymous said...

so those poor 100 who died didnt know there were exit doors?

advice I heard from a LEO..
always know where the exit doors are