Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The New York Times Plays It Safe With Extreme Political Politeness (At The Expense of Civilizational Survival)

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Virtually without fail, every time the crypto-delusional diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record bring up the subject of ordinary American blacks, the goal of Times Inc.'s Sulzbergers & Co. is to paint said afros in a bucolic portrait of victimized rectitude, and maligned, misunderstood enlightenment.

It gets a little tiring, to say the least you might say.

[And yet every day, over and over day after day, we at COTT read the New York Times so you don't have to. (You're welcome).]

Today's national edition is no exception to this pattern of sucking up to American blacks: we have blacks being victimized by unfair welfare (common sense accountability) laws; blacks being victimized by an unfair justice system; blacks being victimized by unfair capitalism. Blah blah blah etc ad infinitum. And when the Times doesn't say it out right, they imply it ever so sneakily right below the surface: all of this suffering is the direct result of the actions of the evil-doers, the oppressors, the Bad Ones.

If you were a visitor from the planet Gondola 23, and had eighteen eyes and an IQ of 385, and were given a copy of the NYT as an introductory travel pamphlet to Planet Earth, you would of course immediately deduce that :

A) Blacks are 85% of the United States population ;

B) Blacks are a God-like group of Special Individuals ;

C) Blacks despite being superior in every way, are the victims (in every way) of an evil minority of evil-doers, these pale-faced creatures that somehow dominate their terrestrial betters.

And as a Gondolian, you would be excused for believing such things, as all the evidence presented in the official rag of the land does in fact seem to point in that direction.

Yes, the New York Times is making the world unsafe for inter-galactical travel.

On the Front Page of today's national edition, we have this sob story, written by none other than a good, cut-in-the-cloth Times descendant - A.G. Sulzberger - entitled "States Adding Drug Test as Hurdle for Welfare." Now again, we have seen how the one-worlder equality extremists at the Times have stamped their feet and thrown a tantrum when things didn't seem to be going their way. They just don't like it when the world as they have defined it turns out to be something that does not conform to their highly-charged ideology. A recent op-ed piece by Nick Kristof, discussed here in the pages of COTT, is a good example of how the Times haughtily and condescendingly pretends that they can go against the grain of popular sentiment. 

But we digress a little. From today's paper - from the front page no less - we have : 

"States Adding Drug Test As Hurdle for Welfare"

Social Services on the Left; Welfare Void on the Right

From the article :

In a sane world,  a society's "newspaper of record" would have the family nuggets to speak out with at least a little courage about what is wrong with this picture in the first place, namely that it speaks of a situation where there are entire ghettoes full of (highly) fecund young black women with as many chirren as they can burf, from as many different criminally aloof "fathers" as possible.

But clearly ours is not a sane society: we have the New York Times, the supposedly official mouthpiece of the people, lionizing these brave young women, and extolling the virtue and the courage of their choice of  a life of irresponsible, fatherless breeding.

Exhibit B in today's Crimes of the Times is yet another "Innocence Project" escapee, one Dewey Bozzella, pictured below, who was featured in yet another innocent-black-man-fingered-by-the-racist-system article in the "New York" section of today's New York Times entitled "Exonerated of Murder, A Boxer Makes A Debut at 52."

Now, sans mustache this guy could make a reasonable stand-in for the Anointed One. Might this have something to do with the Times' decision to lionize him in this puff piece? We don't know. (But we do think it would be fun to see Obongo sporting a similar lip-garnish).

If you bother to read the article (spare yourself, I suggest), you'll see that this noble blank slate's Supreme Court petition seeking damages for his 26 years in Ghetto-U was dismissed by none-other than Da' Clarence,  he of "high-tech lynching" fame.

"Exonerated of Murder, A Boxer Makes a Debut at 52"

Mister Bozzella, Wants His LIfe Back 

Exhibit C in today's COTT lineup: "Putting a Face on What's At Stake In A Clash over the Minimum Wage," by Times communist Michael Powell. Here we have yet another ghetto-dwelling multi-sprog single mother african Americaness, who despite living in public housing, and benefiting from cradle-to-grave welfare cash that pays for everything from her chirren's stroller to her exotic weaves, still complains that her minimum wage salary as assitant manager at the Statue of Liberty gift shop ain't enough.

"Putting a Face on What's At Stake In A Clash over the Minimum Wage"

Miss Ortiz and her Progeniture 

New York State spends more per public school student than any other state - a little over 18,000$. That means that this chick's two low-achieving offspring are sucking up over THIRTY thousand dollars every year, JUST for finger paints and black history classes. When you factor in the subsidized housing, the food stamps, the free health care and dental, the free this and free that, the TANF funds, the free lunches and free metro cards.... this little family of future rocket scientists is gurgling down close to 100k annually.

Yet still this is not enough for the psychopaths at the New York Times.


We like the way the condescending, incredibly disingenuous lying scum at the Times conclude the article :

[LATER] : WOW. Just, wow. After a reader posted a comment, I had to come back and add some thoughts on this incredibly revealing final paragraph:

It is stunning in its absolute, unadulterated reality-shifting, role-reversing, paternalizing, condescending, pandering, suck-up-to-black-peopleness.

What is embarrassing for the rest of us is regular programming for the race-teenagers at the New York Times:

1) "I tried out the mayor's reasoning on Ms. Ortiz";

2) "Dropped out for lack of money";

3) "When I got to the Soviet Union";

4) "He compared a wage I can survive on to Marx" (To mention just that bit: Yeah rite, like this ghetto dweller is capable of making the connection between Marxism and the USSR). (Then again, she most likely has a taxpayer-financed flat screen and a TANF-financed subscription to Direct TV, so she probably is familiar with Groucho and his bros).

Just, wow. The sucking up to these people knows no limits for the morality athletes at the New York Times.

The New York Times: Good SWPL since 1991.


Anonymous said...

yo yo yo : glad to see one linked to you.

keep up the good work.

Carol said...

Funny, some articles have comments, and some don't. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Notice the way the Times journo sucks up even more sneakily than you talk about, in that last bit :

He presents this stupid negress - literally - as his moral and intellectual superior.

She is a downtrodden victim of white racism, therefore she is forced to drop out of Lehman College.

The Times journo implies that when he mentions Bloomberg's mentioning the Soviet Union comment, it's like he is asking for his approval.

And he gives it to her: she thinks "ridiculous" the idea of linking the USSR and Marx (though of course this stupid fucking erectus hair-weave nigger knows not a wit about either, nor care), thus putting white boy in his place.

How dare he, the journo, ask an enlightened, erudite, downtrodden negress about Marx and the fall of communism?

Why, our white journo says that his nigger goddess looked at him like he was on crack, that lowest form of ghetto underachievement.

Jesus Christ ! Do these fucking kikes at the Times have no shame? Do they not know that we can see through this shit?

rjp said...

"... Ms. Ortiz, who dropped her class at Lehman College for lack of money."

Nice try NYT at generating sympathy but welfare baby-makers don't pay for college.

..... On another note, the Word Verification for me "thelies".

Anonymous said...

Good analysis of the despicably vile sort of brainwashing the social engineers at the NYT are cooking up for us these days. Is it just me, or are they really cranking things up lately? Did you check out today's article about poor multi-racial couples, and the abuse they have ostensibly suffered at the hands of evil racist whiteys?
Absolutely sickening. And no dissenting comments are accepted for publication. No surprise there.