Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The NYT Travels To Portugal To Interview (And Rehabilitate) Murderer Fugitive Escapee Hijacker George Wright

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"Telling The Story of 41 Years on the Run" is a glowing portrait of the killer and escaped fugitive George Wright, who was recently nabbed in Portugal, 40 years after he hijacked a Delta jet while dressed as a priest.

The real story here should be that this disgusting erectus murderer is out of prison at all - I was shocked when I learned that he was home in pajamas, enjoying the company of his balloon-faced white Portuguese wife. I had assumed that he would be locked up until extradited back to the US.

From the article :

Just look at the picture the New York Times chose to publish of this guy: that's a photo that screams: "We approve of this guy, (even though he did something kinda' bad a long time ago)."

George Wright, Happy As A Clam in Lisboa

And then there's the part where the Times lets Wright try to convince us that he's a poster-boy for "rehabilitation." The Times wants you to believe that. But the take-home message for every inner-city black male (ICBM) will be: "Go out and terrorize the populace - especially the white populace - and eventually society will forgive you."

From the article :
Yes, society will forgive the aging ICBM once its testosterone supplies are depleted as Wright's are, after a lifetime of wanton criminality and recklessly murderous behaviour marked by an absolute total lack of impulse control. It's the way the New York Times wants it to be.

Note: Taki wrote an interesting take on George Wright for takimag. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

Taki sums it up nicely, thanks for the link :

disgusting criminal low-IQ africoon American, savagely attacks and kills a white man, said monkey in human clothes has been trained by white liberal zookeepers to believe that any violence against the white man is justified and noble...

etc etc barf barf barf.

Shame on you, New York Times, for putting this disgusting murdering creature - which is nothing more than a giant turd in the european gene pool - on a pedestal.

Anonymous said...

The NYT has no shame, like the negro, it has no shame.In a better America this rag would have died long ago.

Bill Cosby said...

Just look at the sunken eye-sockets of that jungle coon - folks we're talking about a creature that is a quarter million years behind the rest if humanity, evolutionary wise. Make no mistakey. !!

Here's a test for you: next time you're in a Burger King or a coffee shop: observe the negroes. Look closely at the morphology of the negro skull (shape of da haid).

Note the way that negroes - even though American Africans are 17% European, on average - have a rather peanut-shaped skull, where they never have double chins. The tip of the chin is low low low on the ne-grow. Below the point where the jaw joins the neck.

Why don't blacks have double chins (like I do?)

Answer: because negroes are more closely evolved to apes, whose skull morphology is obvioulsy different.

Do I say this to be hateful?

Of course not!

It's just to point out that there are HUGE differences between and across the races, these differences are rooted in biology, which is to say NATURE, and these DIFFERENCES MUST BE RESPECTED!

Next time you're at Wal Mart, look closely at the haids of the blacks: note the way that their heads are shaped different: the tip of the chin almost always is BELOW the point on the neck where the negro jaw starts; the opposite is true of whites and other races.

Check it out for yourself if you think I'm making this shite up !

Btw: funny the way a site like this one, supposedly based on journalism and the Mainstream Media and the lies therein, winds up being almost exclusively devoted to race, and more specifically: blacks and their primitive ways, and whites and their helpless affinity to uplift blacks no matter what!

I guess it just goes to show what a powerful driver in the news is "diversity", our strength, yeah !

PS: Thank the Lord JEsus Christ, who was BTW a Negro, for the Internet.