Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nicholas Kristof Busts Out The Party Hats as Another White Girl - Brainwashed By His Propaganda - Goes Down The Amy Biehl Memory Hole in Black Africa

Read this column and puke: tricky Nick saves the best for last, which is about the only thing positive about this article (i.e., that he doesn't make you want to vomit sooner into it).

"Just Look At What You Did" (Gross Out Warning!).

From the article :

Kennedy and Jessica Posner
(Note the Baby Bulge: Mission Accomplished for The New York Times!)

Please join me in writing to Nicholas Kristof to tell him what we think about this never-ending diversity bullshit. It's getting worse, stop being part of the sheeple, speak up FFS!

Here is my message to Nicholas Kristof (please email him your thoughts by going here).

Re: Just Look At What You Did!
Dear Mr. Kristof :

I just read your opinion column in today's edition of Amerika's newspaper of record, and I have to say it left me feeling sad for Western Civilization, particularly for an entire generation of its young white women brainwashed by radical left-wing extremists like yourself into believing that there is no redeeming value in wishing to perpetuate one's ancestors' own civilization.

You know Mr. Kristof, one of the things that makes your column "Just Look at What You Did," so incredibly, bowel-churningly repulsive, is that you know full well that there are a good percentage of people who are going to find the thought of a little white american girl getting sexed by and reproducing with a black african sickening. You are well informed enough to know that a majority of Alabamian Republicans, for example, openly reject miscegenation. And yet you spit in the faces of these people, who are but simple unenlightened bigots in your eyes. I'm sure that that is what you are thinking about the author of this message right now.
But that Sir is part of the problem with your worldview: you are aware that yours is a dissenting position, yet you present it as mainstream convention.  
If encouraging the world to dilute the European gene pool is such a beautiful, enlightened thing to you, please make sure that your half-asian offspring reproduce with members of the  pygmy population of central Africa - we all know that on the light-to-dark scale, these people need uplift more than just about any other (except maybe the Aborigenes of Australia). 
Now THAT, Sir, would be enlightened of you, and prove your dedication to the agenda you so actively promote. (I know I know, no ad hominen, blahblah blah). 
The population of Africa doubled in 30 short years, to over one BILLION in 2010.  Mr. Kristof, in a sane society, a responsible journalist would be encouraging population control there, not liberal feel-good projects that do not address the core problem. 
- Arturo de Gheaube 

Watch Jessica Posner - our Amy Biehl Award Winner of the Week - in action in Obama's homeland (Gross Out Warning)


Anonymous said...

This chick is sol delusional, it defies belief.

She's obviously too ugly to get laid by a euro, she sneers at her own kind with help from race traitors like Kristof.

God this shit is disgusting.

The statistics show that this girl will end up being raped and abused by this africoon.

Anonymous said...

She reminds me of Obama's mom; and my guess is she ends up raising her little halfrican alone.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She's jewish, good, thats collateral damage for the elites.

I guess as long as she is portrayed as 'white' she is still a great example for other deluded white girls. We, however, dont need to be fooled.