Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama Worships MLK on the Mall : Stunning Hypocrisy and Stomach-Churning Negrophilia From the New York Times

17 Oct MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The initial ceremony to commemorate the Chinese artist Lei Yixin 's shooing-in of the giant MLK sculpture on the Mall in Washington (the only sculpture on the Mall dedicated to a non-president) was postponed until yesterday, because of Hurricane Irene.

Ok. That's about the only legitimate point that can be made about this made-in-china-crap SWPL let's-suck-some-more-minority-ass garbage-fest I can think of, as diligently reported in the New York Times today in an  article entitled "A Dedication to King, And The Work Yet To Do".

But wait! It gets worse (a lot worse). At the ceremony over the weekend, where Obama showed up with a mostly Afro-American crowd, (big surprise there), one of the many disgusting dingbatty fat-dangling bicep sows spawned by the Good Doctor's hyper-active loins - a certain Bernice King, King's so-called daughter - had this to sanctimoniously say :

What is of course not published in the lying pages of Amerika's newspaper of record is that this horrible dimb bulb race-hustler, set for life by the shenanigans of her savvy-black sperm-donor father,  along with her equally uprighteous brothers and sisters, charged the American governement close to a million bucks to give the public MLK monument access to the good "Doctor's" likeness.

See here if you think I'm making this up.

The New York Times is complicit in the destruction of Western Civilization. It's as simple and as gory as that.


Anonymous said...

I do not underatdn whar is wrong with racists like you poelpe: Martine Luther King was a great man why do you hate him do much? Huih?

Your people ketp out people down for thiousands of years, Martin Luther King was a hero who stepped up to the plate and saved the black man from the evil oppression of the white man.

This has been provend a thousand times over and over.

Why do you racists think that you can change the direction of history by spuhing jsuch lyes?

Martime LUther King was a greqt man. For you to say that Marint LUther Ling was NOT a great man it's like for I to say that Batehoven was a terrible musician.

Grow up white people !

Anonymous said...

You don't lie: it's true that the disgusting Marchin Looter Koon's stone-ager fambly tried to such every penny out of whitey to make this monument a reality. And wil continue to do so for the forseeable future.

Without the White Man, negros can create nothing, I repeat, NOTHING. The great negro-uplifter Albert Schweitzer said it best, but of course his words have gone down the memory hole.

Negros are truly, and sadly, the cockroaches of humanity. I take no joy in saying that. It is the sad truth. As a white man, I so SO wish it weren't so.

But it is.

Anonymous said...

MLK Jr. a "great man"? Well, as much as a semi-literate plagiarist rabble-rouser, supported by millions of completely deluded (white) Americans. Like many of his ilk, he's better considered an agent of biological warfare unleashed against European American Society by vile creatures of the sort who own, publish, and editorialize in the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

This monstrosity of a statue is hideous. It is as much of a fraud as King was. It has an ominous appearance and in that sense is quite appropriate. It looks nothing like that huckster. It looks like Mao on a huge white cliff. It's not even the right color.

Anonymous said...


Are you Jewish?