Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox: The New York Times Continues to Not Tell Readers About the Verminous Rudy Guede, While Steve Sailer Nails It

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Once again Steve Sailer scores a bulls eye in this piece on the Knox Affair, proudly reprinted here without permission by your New York Times-hating friends at COTT.

Meanwhile the New York Times continues to downplay the racial angle of the case in today's Amanda Knox post-release propaganda puff piece entitled "A Court Fight and A Tireless Battle Over Image."

From the article :

The NYT wants you to believe that Knox's friends are an unsophisticated bunch in possession of nothing of substance to prove her innocence. What the lying blame-shifting scum at Amerika's newspaper of record fail to mention here is that this site, "Friends of Amanda dot com," in addition to publishing photos of Amanda "playing with her dog," very patiently and expertly discredits the media-driven implausibility that a 20 year-old white girl from the suburbs is just as capable of violent rape and knife murder as a six-foot homeless drug-dealing african man.

Because this case is Jena 6 and Duke Lacrosse on steroids, the NYT has to go the extra mile to cover up the very real, and very politically impolite notion of illegal immigrant african criminality in Europe.

The New York Times: Cheering for the Other Side Since 1992.


Anonymous said...

Artur - Hi, just to let you know Ive linked to you from Majority Rights.

As you dont seem to have links on your site I cant very well ask for a reciprocal link. But keep up the good work anyhow.

Anonymous said...

As if the Italian police prosecution of a young white girl of aggravated rape & murder isn't ludicrous enough, the media's collective pc induced blindness to reality demonstrates how reason has given way to ideology.