Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dateline Libya: With A Little Help From NATO and the Diversity Enforcers at Amerika's Newspaper of Record, Der Colonel Qaddafi is Dead; Western Technology Makes It Possible for the World to See the Incredible Savagery of Islam; Predictably, The New York Times Gets It All Wrong

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Just a few short days after IDF Private Gilad Shalit was released looking skeletal by Hamas in a ludicrous but revealing exchange for thousands of murderous, backwards, disgusting modernity-hating dirty beards, and the gargantuan Lego-sculpture of morality lessons that that ridiculous spectacle showed the Western World, I have to admit that I was sad today after leaning that the Father of the Revolution had been killed (murdered?) in Libya.

Ya. I was sadder still when I looked at the Nokia cellphone video of Gaddafi's lynching at the hands of the bearded, dimwitted, Western-enabled Alahu-Akbar screeching Islamist scum who finally did him in.

The manginas in the Western media will of course call this a great victory for the Arab Spring democracy movement, a glorious milestone in that repressed region's path to greatness that has historically been kept down by Euro-privilege and unfair trade agreements (huh?).

I possess little sympathy for mediocrity; I am my own biggest critic. I don't like dumb and I don't like ugly, and I especially can't stand mean. But in the case of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, I have to admit that there was something I liked about the guy.

Perhaps highest up on that list would be the way he made sycophantic Western liberals look exactly like the pussies and the hypocrites that they truly are.

A few years ago, after Qaddafi said he was officially sorry for his bedouin nation's terrorist past (ahem), and promised not to blow up any more 747s filled with nice white kids from Syracuse, Libya regained the privilege of receiving billions of welfare dollars from Western Whites. This enabled a people otherwise stuck in the Stone Age to modernize, and to enjoy the benefits of electricity and "gas on every floor," as the enamel signs still say on thousands of apartment buildings in Paris ("gaz à tous les étages"). Don't forget: up until the 1870s, the infrastructure of the cities of "modern" Europe was inferior to that which the Romans had achieved over 1.5 millenia prior. Yes: the Roman Empire spanned from northern Scotland to the fringes of the Saharan Desert; literacy was 100% in this empire's army and water delivery and sewerage infrastructure was better than what one found in the capital of France in 1860, and, in most cases, basic infrastructure was superior to what one still finds in Northern Africa to this day.

But I digress.

I miss The Colonel.

I'm sad he's gone, I really am, because I liked the Colonel. I liked his tents. I liked his female body guards. I liked his personalized golf carts. I liked the funky way he held court for ninety minutes in front of the UN General Assembly in 2009, sounding every bit like the low-IQ, out-of-touch, Western-enabled turd world dictator that he was. And I especially liked the way the guy talked truth to power when it came to  dealing with the West - Italy in particular - and how he spoke truthfully in refreshingly non-PC ways about the demographic tsunami from Africa that was destined to overrun Europe (unless whitey paid five billion euros over five years to keep out millions of Africans).

Muhamar Gaddafi is a perfect example of the West's naiveté when it comes to the Third World in general, and Africa in particular. Gaddafi knew how badly hundreds of millions of black Africans - spawned as most of them were almost entirely by interventionist white western food aid - were eager to sneak into Europe. He offered a solution. It was a right-minded solution. But the Euros, of course, denied him. For to agree with Gaddafi's racialist, anti-African rhetoric, would be to fly in the face of the EU's official doctrine of anti-racist universalism.

Because of the West, Gaddafi was on his own. And because of the West (Big French air-strike, Oy!), now he's gone forever.

What will come in his place?

Will it be the pacifist, universalist, democracy-loving and human-rights obsessed regime that the European Union would implement if it could?

Answer: Négatif. What is coming in Libya and in the rest of the Arab Spring Muslim world, is an even more savage, even more authoritarian Islamic regime. Make no mistake.

And whatever you do, don't count on the fraudulent policy-makers at Amerika's newspaper of record to tell you what is really in store.

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rjp said...

What is coming in Libya and in the rest of the Arab Spring Muslim world, is an even more savage, even more authoritarian Islamic regime. Make no mistake.

I told people what would happen in Egypt. Nobody listened to me.

Libya is going to be worse. Egypt is far more advanced than Libya and look at what they are left with.

When will the Western World realize that a prison that is maintained is a better place for it's occupants than a prison that is abandoned with it's occupants still inside.