Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Taken By Pirates": The New York Times Lamely Attempts to Explain Away the Root Cause of Somali Failure...

...while at the same time making the Somali community of Great Britain look like a model of compassion, enlightenment, and of course victimhood.

"Taken By Pirates," published as the cover story of today's Sunday Times Magazine by Times communist Steven Erlanger, is a ballad of Western naiveté and wishful thinking on the subject of a devolving Black Africa. It is a detailed account of the hijacking of Paul and Rachel Chandler from their sailboat by Somali pirates in 2009. The Chandlers were held for 388 days before being released, in November 2010.

From the article :

And it would seem that Mister Chandler has good reason to resent not just his tormentors, but their larger clan. In the passage below, Erlanger - who devotes a disproportionate amount of his article focusing on the feeble attempt of a handful of Somali asylum leeches in Britain to obtain the Chandlers' freedom from their homies in the motherland - is quoting what some of these Somali Brits had to say about the hijacking (in a hilarious and highly revealing video entitled "Release The Couple," the Somali Brit cousins of the pirates sing a quaint song chock a block full of local color, and even though said by the New York Times to possess equal powers of reasoning, make it abundantly clear that they are separated evolution-wise from the Chandlers by about two hundred thousand years) (at least)  : 

So even though Erlanger grudgingly admits that even the Somalis of Britain are a bit grateful to the West for wresting them from the Stone Age, they still harbor a deep-seated contempt for the West (read "whitey"), fostered in large part precisely by the kind of blame-shifting and race-baiting drivel that oozes from the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record. 

More disinfo from Erlanger's article: 

What Erlanger should have written here is: "...a people scattered by war and resettled everywhere from Sydney to Minneapolis."

"Taken By Pirates" is an interesting article overall. Erlanger rolls out the usual excuses for the savagery into which Somalia is currently descending: lack of a functioning government, the failure of western intervention, the extremism of a tiny minority of

And though the author reveals a few hard truths about Somalia, it is obvious that Erlanger's Number One goal in this article is to absolve the people of Somalia of all blame for their own gargantuan failure as a nation:

The New York Times: Getting it Mostly Wrong since the Snivel Rights Era

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