Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suicidal Misinformation on Global Population Growth From the Reality Fugitives at the New York Times

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Today in the Op-Ed section of Amerika's newspaper of record, we have a good member of the "pensée unique" academic elite pontificating on world overpopulation, with all the usual misplaced concern. "Seven Billion (Can Humanity Handle the Unprecedented Rise in Population?)" by Times guest communist Joel Cohen, a "mathematical biologist" (whatever that means), makes the case for worrying about too many people, but predictably for a Times communist won't touch with the proverbial ten foot pole the question of which people (as in, which people are solely responsible for manipulating the direction of all the little lines in the graph below?).

When talking about global population, this idiot Cohen fails to make the simple distinction - between producer groups and consumer groups - that you'd think would be obvious to an academician, even one hopelessly  castrated by the PC tourniquet of wishful-thinking universal egalitarianism.

From the article :
Why is it that white people in positions of power are such pussies, that they can't just come out and say it: it was Western preeminence in every field of endeavour which led the wagon train of humanity to the land of many, many humans, the world over?


These elite competitive compassion professionals would just as soon try to make the case that it was African culture that enabled humankind to grow to such gargantuan numbers today, by their noble and selfless refusal to overdevelop the Dark Continent, and sully it with the kind of wicked, sinful  consumerism that silly liberals are always whining about (5% of the population consumes 25% of the resources, boo hoo....).

What's funny about people like Cohen, is that while they continue to tell the joke of human universalism, and deny Western preeminence in creating this situation in the first place, they also seem to think that the same hard-wired morality imperatives that led the West to turn its altruism outward, is some kind of universal legacy of mankind, equally present in the moral fabric of all ethnicities.

From the article:

Obviously people like Cohen just can't stomach the thought of people who look like him being responsible for the advances in medicine that allowed the population of Ethipoia, for example, to triple in 25 short years (to over 90 million). Or maybe he can't bear to think of his relation to those who look like him and whose inner morality athlete insists on enabling Nigerian women to fatten up their seven babies (on average) on donated American grains and canned milk.

On that last note, there is a glimmer of truthfulness in Cohen's article :

As the West races to the precipice of civilizational suicide, it is exactly this kind of misinformation,  this  kind of smug refusal to report truthfully on ethnorealism, that Mad Max-style pushes the pedal to the metal. And soon, it's over the cliff we go.

If demographics is not destiny, then the New York Times is a truthful, honest publication.


Anonymous said...

Overpopulation is indeed the biggest issue on earth today, the single biggest threat to the largest number of people (especially whites).

It is obviously the overbreeding of large numbers of low-IQ, low-productivity non-whites that is the biggest concern.

These people are like children, they solely exist and survive under the paternal-like care of white people.

They are like children; if the parents disappeared, they would perish, Lord of the Flies style.

Anonymous said...

And two guesses to where Africa's vast population surplus will be heading.

Maxwell said...

To answer commenter above ("two guesses") :

Why, the black surplus population of Africa will of course want to emigrate to China, where they will be received by the millions with open arms and promises of political asylum and generous welfare benefits, including housing, baby feeding, strollers, even down hip-hop style coats for the cold winters.

Anonymous said...

And of course not a word by the traitors at the New York Times about the wholesale population-replacement agenda we are seeing happening worldwide, from the 3rd into the 1st worlds.

It is sad to read blogs like these: talk about being part of the 1% !!

Go talk to your average SWPL person. The diseased status quo discussed on this blog is totally foreign to 99% of these brainwashed, successfully propagandized masses.