Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Once Again, The NYT Champions the Most Verminous, The Most Wicked, and it Makes No Sense Whatsoever (from a Journalistic Point of View)

Why is the New York Times even publishing this story, so many years after the murder of a Long Island teenager first impregnated and then strangled by the curse of diversity imported from Britain no less three decades ago?

"A Teenage Killer, Now 51, Recounting His Crimes"

We know by now that the Times' ulterior motive in cases like this is ALWAYS the rehabilitation of the perp.

But in this instance something more subtle is going on. Could it be the killer's somewhat unique "Britishness" in this case? Certainly the circumstances - negro boyfriend impregnates then murders young white girl who'd finally awoken to the errors of her diversity experiment - was already grist for the mill  even back in the mid-1970s.

From the article :

The Murderer: 

The Victim : 

The true reason behind the Times' decision to publish this non-story ? 

The New York Times: Feeding The Tumors That Feed On Society Since 1966.

N.B.: You have to read the childlike letter to the parole board by the killer and the related article  published by the New York Times to fully grasp that the ONLY reason the Times is publishing this crap, is to ensure the parole of this murderous piece of shit. And read closely and you will see, that what the Times is really doing, is punishing the murdered girls' parents for forcing her to get an abortion after this mutation of nature impregnated her. They were not ready to accept their daughter being preggers with a quarter african child, and this is a cardinal sin of lily-white close-mindedness to the diversity enforcers at the New York Times. Make no mistake: with this disgusting series of articles, the Times is attacking the girl and her kin, and rallying the authorities on behalf of the killer, so that he might be paroled at his next hearing, in May 2012. Had the killer been white, the Times would never bother publishing three separate articles three and a half decades after the fact.

"An Inmate's Letter Recalls A Certain Summer" (The Times meant to say: "Verminous Half-Brit Quadroon Who Murdered White Girl After Impregnating Her, Begs Parole Board For Release From Scummer U., And We're Gonna Help")

"Letter From An Inmate" (The Times meant to say: "Verminous Half-Brit Quadroon Who Murdered White Girl After Impregnating Her, Shows Zero Remorse, Sneers At Society For Failing To See The Beauty And Enlightenment Of His Deed, Begs Parole Board For Release From Scummer-U.")


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The girl was innocent. It was the parents' fault for forcing her to get an abortion and to break up with her boyfriend. The murder would never have happened if the couple were left alone.

This does not excuse the murderer, but the parents' refusal to allow the girl to live her own life is the root cause.

Anonymous said...

ok..i was in nyc 20 years or so..
there was a story in NYTMag section about 1970
the PR form ny who killed the [yale] coed in scarsdale
bashed her head in with a hammer,,,,
anyone remember that story..
whoever 'owns' this blog might
wanna go read the original story

Anonymous said...


The murder would never have happened if the couple were left alone.................

maybe, maybe not