Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Libya, the Stone Ages, and You: As The Greatest Conspiracy the World Has Ever Seen (The Erasure of Past and Present Western Preeminence in the Minds of the Global Masses) Continues Apace, the New York Times Perpetuates the Myth of the Glorious Arab Spring

31 Agust MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg 
I'm starting to miss the Colonel, I really am.

Like Saddam Hussein, at least Qaddafi knew that his nation was a Third World hellhole whose very existence was created, sustained by, and as a point of passage for the 85% of Africans who would emigrate from its shores if they could, mortally threatening to Europe.

When three years ago or so Qaddafi came out and offered Italy his help in  stopping the Libya-launched hordes of Erceti flooding in to the land of milk and honey in exchange for five billion dollars over five years, Berlu and his ilk should have leaped at the opportunity instead of excreting the usual platitudes about human rights, equal opportunity and universal egalitarianism.

Instead, we now have Lampedusa processing thousands of humanity's most depraved young fertile souls - all brought to you thanks to misguided White Western food aid to the Dark Continent over the past three decades.

I'm starting to miss the Colonel.

As the utterly backassward, stuck-in-the-Stone-Age tribes of that dismal turd world shithole that is Libya begin to awake to the reality that the so-called "Arab Spring" is not going to turn their women into Brittney Spears's and their cities into Palm Springs overnight, it's almost like you can hear the Colonel with his bad hair snickering at Western naiveté.

"Told you so!", says the Colonel.

Meanwhile, the New York Times and its snickering communist reality fugitives continue apace down the  brightly colored brick road of fantasy of universal outcomes. "All the noble people of Libya need," insist over and over the dark-souled diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record, "Is democracy, equality, diversity, and liberalism, and they will blossom into a beautiful society of incredible enlightenment and enrichment."

The worst part is, that the poor, not-too-bright camel herders of Libya itself, dressed in their god-awful gaudy Chinese-made t-shirts depicting American hip-hop "culture," were the first to be infected by this disease that is Western liberalism; in the same way that these Allahu-Akbar screaming throwbacks from another era have grown fond of electricity and telephones, they have also adopted our most noble notions of fairness that would have worked 200 years ago, in a homogeneous world, but have absolutely no place in their society in 2011.

They want Western "enlightenment," but they are saddled with the same historical and dare I say biological limitations that landed them where they are in the first place; worse still, they want to cherry pick the best of the West (cell phones, the wheel, modern hygiene, etc. ), benefiting from all the cozy, comfy things that cometh from the West, while at the same time remaining stubbornly cocooned in their commitment to a troglodytic, low-IQ child molester, Momo.

As a Westerner, the impulse is almost innate: Libya and the Arab world, very fucked up, therefore, very worthy of my pity.

Yes, yes and yes. But fifty years ago, NOT today, when the evil, One-World diversity enforcers at the New York Times and other elitist institutions of World Policy have blurred national boundaries to the point of non-existence, and human differences even more so.

The Libyans might be a sad lot; in a sane world they would merit our pity, and concern. But in this day and age, wherein they have swallowed the Western One-World cool aid into believing that the only reason theirs is a dusty, impoverished shithole is because of some absurd notion of historical European wickedness on the Dark  Continent or one of the other textbook memes of the global social justice playbook, I say that the time for pity is over.

Life is not fair. North Africa will never be New England, and will probably always need dictators like Qaddafi.

The New York Times is Guilty in perpetuating the myth that a democratic Arab Spring can happen without ghastly consequences for all of the region and indeed for all of the West - the very place that impregnated that Godforsaken land with such naive notions of universal fair play.

Once again, the New York Times: gravely fucking things up since 1946.


Anonymous said...

Spot- ON !

Couldn't have said it better myself !

(And I'm a professor) ! (A lecture like that would probably get me fired, though !)

Anonymous said...

I think this article is not being fair to the Arab World.

We Arabs invented algebra, that's more than you Westerners.

Oh, I forgot: YOU invented the Happy Meal. Guess that makes you better.

Anonymous said...

Love the article! The colonel stopped multitudes of darkies already, using the only method that actually works, gunfire. Arab spring is communard propaganda something with which the times excels. Watch Al-Caca will emerge stronger than ever. Isn't it time we nuked the middle east?

Lucille said...

We Arabs invented algebra, that's more than you Westerners.

Oh, I forgot: YOU invented the Happy Meal. Guess that makes you better.

Um, what?

Look up the most accomplished mathematicians. Most were of European extraction.

Yeah, westerners invented the Happy Meal. We certainly didn't invent any other foods, and we certainly didn't invent anything in any other field of endeavor.... right. You know history well.

Anonymous said...

Clearest assessment I've read about LIbya so far.

Of course the New York Times is over the moon about the beautiful, noble revolution happening in that dusty shithole whose only decent architecture dates back to Italian occupation and/or the FRench and Italian oil giants who built things higher than a mud hut there.

Qaddafi was a low-IQ bedouin, but what is thoroughly amusing, is that he knew full well the ways of the West, the naiveté of the West.

Too, he knew his darkie brothers to the South, and their determination to make it to Europe aboard flotsam and jetsum in search of white pussy.

I, too, am starting to miss the Colonel.

Thanks for the article.