Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Failing to Comprehend The Third World Invader Entitlement Mindset Behind the Strauss-Kahn Imbroglio

24 Aug MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Consider this excerpt from yet another NYT article on the Strauss-Kahn affair, entitled "Strauss-Kahn Drama Ends With Short Final Scene," published above the fold on the front page of today's national edition :

Here we have a clear-cut example of the way this (formerly) dirt poor, alas primitive African woman thinks: in an extremely unsophisticated, even childlike manner, wherein she sincerely believes that the professional, intellectual class (the professionals of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office) of the host country that laid out the red carpet for her so that she could escape the Stone Age savagery of her native Guinea Africa, would be so stupid as to not notice an obvious, easily verifiable discrepancy in her rape-victim account. Like millions who resemble her, Miss Diallou is too stupid to understand that her own stupidity does not disappear just because Western benevolence puts her in protected species class.

It's like a child pulling the wool over the eyes of a loving yet gullible grandmother, who refuses to see the receding level of the cookie jar.

In the sickness behind Miss Diallou's own case of stealing the cookies while grandma is watching, we find the population replacement traitors at USA Asylum Resettlement Services who convinced this poor, mud-hutt African Erectus that Amurika is the land of milk and honey, that partaking in its riches is her human right, that her every wish here will become reality because the West is responsible for her and all African failure (colonialism, white privilege, etc etc), and that no matter what, she is a member of such a protected, untouchable species, that the mere mention of  the slightest victimhood - real or imagined - is always  enough to make these evil white people stand down, and align with the bigger, pre-ordained racial justice order of the universe.

Why hasn't the New York Times - or indeed the entire Western MSM - even mentioned this poor woman's obvious cognitive shortcomings, as a valid factor in explaining the whole "misunderstanding"?

A simple Google search of "average IQ Guinea" will take you to the one and only one site that talks honestly about variances in cognitive ability by country, namely the wiki entry on Richard Lynn and Tatu VanHanen's "highly controversial"  2006 book "IQ and Global Inequality". (Van Hanen's son used to be prime minister of Finland - how cool is that?).

It turns out that -  according to Lynn and VanHanen - the Strauss-Kahn maid-whore asylum cheat hails from a land where the national IQ in 2006 was 67, two levels above Haiti, sure, but 3 points below official mental retardation threshold as per 1950s American Psychiatry Association standards. (In 2002 for some reason Guinea's national IQ was down to 63 - equal with Haiti's that year) (Progress!)

So there we have it: a once-grand civilization eating itself alive from within, by inviting the worst kind of parasites from the most backward, primitive places on earth, who are before debarkation endowed with an even bigger, even more unnatural sense of self-worth and entitlement by their marxist population-replacement handlers. It leads to situations like Strauss Kahn. It's as sad and as simple as that.

Another thing: has ANYONE read ANYWHERE of ANY newspaper demanding that this disgusting rape-screaming asylum cheat (A) Be Deported?; (B) Be Tried for false testimony?

Of course not, à la Crystal Mangum (Duke Lacrosse Accuser, since charged with manslaughter), we know now that certain species can never be held accountable. THAT would interfere with a most perverse form of universal global social justice, that seems to be the purview of the diseased eunuchs at the New York Times.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

That is a brilliant phrase that says it all! I would like to grab it!This whole thing looks like it was a set up. Convenient that she is working in a hotel where well-known and rich people go. Also, she is as ugly as sin, typical muz-rat liar. I read that when they put all her lies to her, she dropped to the floor and started writhing around and screaming. Typical psycho being found out!
Also, when al Beeb reported it, they mentioned Strauss Kahn was Jewish with a sly little laugh.