Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On The Magic Bus From Harlem To SoHo: More Embarrassing Drivel From the Delusional Do-Gooders At The New York Times

Aug 3rd, MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Sometimes I get the feeling that the writers at the New York Times are on drugs. What a shameful, low-blow, an affront to all things decent, that they would glorify the indoctrination of poor defenceless little ghetto-dwellers, with a make-believe narrative that tells one very one-sided story of the evil past of the people whose ancestors created everything from Space Travel to Q-Tips. 

In a monstrous piece of disingenuous liberal snivel published in the New York section of today's national edition, "Riding a Bus From the Bronx to New Cultural Horizons", the New York Times has sunk to new lows of  condescension and morality lesson-mongering. 

This is the story of a group of DWL white bitches, who travel with their black and brown charges from Harlem, to the Anne Frank museum in Greenwhich Village no less, to teach these aspiring little diversity champions of the ills of the majority that lords over them. 

As if there weren't enough to choose from, this article is one of the more repulsive bits of NWO indoctrination that we have seen in the pages of the Times of late, and speaks volumes to the true agenda behind Amerika's newspaper of record. 

From the article : 

The New York Times: getting a chuckle out of being disingenuous, crusading and white, wince 1971. 


Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with some lonely, aging white bitches, getting their rocks off by proving their moral superiority, by accompanying some low-IQ ghetto dependents, to bask in the Holocaust fantasy behind the never-happened Anne-Frank story?

Don't you people get it: Anne FRank never happened. And EVEN is she did, hers is a story of wicked propaganda, the likes of which her peeps are constantly spinning out of Hollywood.

It's like the whole "9/11 was an inside job" douche-bag idiots: I say to them: "Yeah, so? Maybe it was, but it is the PLAUSIBILITY issue that is sacrosanct, more important than ANYTHING in this instance. Even if 911 was somehow an inside job, this does not take away from the PLAUSIBILITY of Islamic savagery."

I know I now, it's a concept that is a little too nuanced for about 99% of people looking at a computer right now to comprehend.

In any event. I say go go go, Crimes Of The Times. Great work. Keep it up. (ps: I would donate if you provided your readers with a donate button. Other, lesser sites beg for money all the time. How come you don't have any ad revenue on this site?).

Anonymous said...

Why does this blog have to be so racist?

WHat is wrong with you?

Racist !

Anonymous said...

This blog isn't racist you stupid little pussy - it's realist.

What it does is expose the prevailing zeitgeist of politically correct thought, as exemplified in the pages of the Jew York Times.

Anti-racism is the new communism, for anyone who's intelligent enough or informed enough to pay attention.