Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freak Show Madness That Barely Conceals the Times' Disdain For Western Civilization

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What is wrong with the weasily little eunuchs at the New York Times? These people are either sick, hateful, suicidal, or all three.

My disgust for Amerika's newspaper of record grows with each snivellous article I force myself to read (so you don't have to). (You're welcome).

As the West heads lemming-like to the precipice, like a sadistic grim reaper, the Times does what it can to expedite the collective demise of the greatest civilization since the Romans.

In today's Times (Sunday), I spotted no fewer than THREE articles pretending to extoll the virtuousness and beauty of individuals who are so sick and twisted in their polluted, diseased minds ( influenced as they are by NYT/Oprah-like mass brainwashing), that they think it's OK to pay a surgeon to cut their shmetzels off and inject their bodies with silicone.

And the New York Times claims that this is not only the height of mental healthfulness, it is also the sign of a truly free and enlightened society.

The first article that made me want to spew was published on page A18 of the New York section of today's national edition, and entitled "The High Price of Looking Like A Woman." It's the story of an Ecuadorean immigrant - probably illegal - who lives in public housing in New York City and who in addition to being on welfare probably pursues its self-mutilation campaign at taxpayer expense, too. The Times depicts this sickening creature as something that is worthy of limitless pity, because after 20 years of getting itself shot up with silicon in illegal clinics, "Zaira" is all misshapen now, with the silicon clumping and getting infected all over its artificially ample rump. A disgusting, pitiful South American invader whose only real claim to pity should come from the fact that had it stayed down there in the Turd World, the notion of self-mutilating itself into a "woman" might not have occurred to it. Such concepts seem to be unique to the liberal, self-destructing West, where we have an entire generation of fools who have been suckered into thinking that behaving like diseased degenerates is the height of human achievement.

It is true that I hold equal degrees of disgust and pity for people whose station in life is not so much a result of self-will, but rather mindless allegiance to conformity, as defined by the elites who push for butt-buddy marriage and wholesale population replacement, and who claim that 1950s America was the most backwards, stultified place in the history of humanity.

Why does the Times dwell on the sickest, most disgusting and degenerate elements of society, and place them on such a pedestal, as though they were an example for all to emulate?

Different people have different answers to this question. What is universal, however, is how incredibly wrong, and destructive, and sick this New Age progressivism is; it needs to be exposed; it needs to be stamped out.

"Zaira", the Ecuadorean Freak Show: NYT-Approved√

As if this first state-sponsored chicks with dicks story wasn't enough to prove the Times' New-Age bona fides, they had to publish another, equally stomach-turning sex-change surgery piece in their Sunday Styles section, "My Husband Is Now My Wife." As I read this piece I became increasingly queasy and sick to my stomach, as though the woman narrator (it's her husband who decided to have his pecker snipped off) of this piece was an ambassador for all feminism run amok, with a pair of sharp scissors in one hand and the complete works of Susan Sontag in the other.

This is what the Times wants: for all men to be eunuchs like them, literally, drained of their testosterone and defanged of their favorite organ.

I could not help thinking after reading this passage from the article :

...that the freshly-neutered eunuch, bandaged and bleeding in the car after the ride home from the sex-change surgery at the hospital, is a kind of stand-in for the neutered West after the radical feministas have gotten through with it.

The New York Times: Wishing We Were All Black, Brown, Gay or Dead Since 2001


Anonymous said...

You forgot to comment on the front page of the Times Magazine today, which features a suspiciously ambiguous she-male.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it: the Times glorifies only that which is sick, perverted, and wrong.

The New York Times I fear is the ultimate civilizational anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

No self respecting newspaper would print such filth and call it news. I wouldn't even use this rag for fish wrap. The people at NYT are sick, sick, sick. They are as perverted as the crap they print. Communist wackos all.