Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, August 27, 2011

To The Point Of Appearing Disingenuousness and Condescending, The NYT Overdoes It Once Again in Their Breathless, Eternal Campaign of African Uplift

27 Aug MMXI - Clk to Enlarge
"Black South African Woman Goes From Never A Sip To Vineyard Fame" by Times communist Barry Bearak* and published on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today, is a love-fest of South African negro worship that takes hypocrisy and gushing to new levels of sick. Even by New York Times standards.

(*Barry Bearak and his wife Celia Dugger, became New York Times bureau chiefs in Johannesburg SA in 2008.) 

Who's falling for this shit anymore? 

Answer: nobody. 

From the article : 

Umm, Barry, I think the word is "BEE,"actually.  

Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying that. 

Translation : Black South Africans are oppressed therefore poor, and not the other way around. Since they are "real" Africans, they drink beer - the true libation of a true, noble people who have none of the snooty proclivities of stuck-up, evil Euros. 

And you ignorant racists thought only white chicks could have freckles. Another scientific observation to drive home the underlying reality: race is a social construct. 

Translation : Africans are far too noble to think of a beverage in simple terms of pleasure, and too busy to be talking nonsense about bouquet and what have you. What does wine have to do with the price of rice in China? THAT is how an african thinks. Noble to the core. 

 Like a sassy school girl pulling an inside joke on her school marm, the Times' beloved wine-making miracle woman has a laugh at her clueless Euro friends' expense. 

Lest Times readers never forget for even one second the troubles from whence this poor, noble soul did come! 

Zulu Wine-Maker Ntsiki Biyela:  NYT - Super-Approved√


Anonymous said...

once again COTT nails it !

Anonymous said...

I'm not buying it either!

Who paid for her vinitculture education?


Who paid for the farmland you see in the photo?


Who paid for the clothes on this woman's back?


I especially liked the line: "They don't smell the bottle cap."

The New York Times is such a disgustingly stuffy, condescending piece of shit of a newspaper. THey don't smell the bottle cap, as in my homies are so hinest and so noble, the true sale of the earth types, they would never think of dabbling in white wine-loving ritual.

Of course when they do, the NYT will be the first to write a front-page article about it, and get all teary eyed and hagiographic.

What a sick, condescending, hypocritical bunch of little faggots they are.

AnalogMan said...

Quite right, the Babuntu are not traditional wine-drinkers; their drink is sorghum beer, formerly known as kaffir-beer. And they have no time for subtleties of flavour - the objective is to get drunk, not to drink.

However, in the wine-growing area depicted, the non-White population consists mostly of the mixed-race descendants of Malayan and other South Asian slaves, known as Coloureds. (Blacks were never slaves in South Africa, at least on any large scale, because the White colonists never even saw one of them until the colonists crossed the Great Fish River nearly a hundred years after they landed; and because Babuntu were - are - bloody useless, anyway).

The Coloureds are the traditional wine farm labourers, and alcoholism is a big problem among them. Under the infamous tot system, farmers paid part of their wages in kind. Not, obviously, with their best products.

I find it laughable that the NYT is trying to romanticise living in a hut built from cow dung. I also find it funny that the newspaper of record doesn't know how to spell "pretension". Don't they have proof-readers, editors, or spell-checkers?

Anonymous said...

Wine is not "food", unless you are really starving or really alcoholic.

A wine-maker indulging in reverse snobbery, pretending that wine is just "food" and should not be "smelled" or "talked about" !...

It's obvious she's unable to taste wine properly, or talk about it in a perceptive fashion. This is a white (and maybe Asian) thing. I suppose her produce is some sort of horrible plonk.