Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, August 26, 2011

Failing to Comprehend And Making Excuses For The Utter Uselessness of the Turd World

26AugMMXI - Clk 2 Enrage
I was surprised to read yesterday in the pages of the New York Times, a bit of historical truth that if I weren't so hungover right now I would link directly to :

It seems that sad-sack Libya, the "country," up until the discovery of oil that made it wealthy (by the west and for the West)  in 1959, had absolutely zero raison d'être économique, apart from selling scrap steel left over from the allied and axis war efforts in north african.

Yes, you read it right, you read it here first: up until 1959, the entire economy of Libya was based on upon scrapping the leftover war machinery of the West.

As if the monstrous inconsequentiality of that shithole nation were not enough to behold from this sad-sack historical fact, we have the eunuchs at the New York Times trying to make us believe in some kind of glorious "Arab Spring" happening in the Maghreb as we speak, as if this Godforsaken anus of the Dark Continent held in its  bosom some kind of awesome civilizational spark plug, which would justify the billion-dollar NATO air campaign to rid Libya of Qadaffi, an eccentric if otherwise reasonable leader.

I for one remember Qaddafi warning in no uncertain terms, the Western world what would happen if his beachhead were compromised, and the billion-strong impoverished erecti of Sub-Saharan Africa made a run on lush and week Europe.

Kind of wishing Qaddafi were still around now, aren't we, Italy ?

Make no mistake: (have you seen the pics of the place, for Chrissakes?!) : Libya was and always will be a backasswards, Stone-Age shit-pit of "human" underachievement, a fucked-up land halfway between the Land Where They Never Invented the Wheel, and the Wheel of Fortune. (The EBT Card Wheel of Welfare-State Europe Fortune, that is).

Were it not for Western thirst for oil, the camel-jockeys of Libya would have been relegated to History's one-story cinder-block storage rooms long ago.

Libya is fifteen thousand years behind the West: it is evident from any and every angle of perception.

You heard it right here first: the Bedouins of Libya, that land of bad-hair dictators with the occasional muster to snub their noses at the West (and bring down a jumbo jet over Scotland), are stuck in the Stone Age, despite the diseased and deranged willingness of the West to use a forceps to pull them out arse-first.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about riding on the coattails of a bigger, better, more worthy people: the Libyans couldn't even sell crappy desert trinkets to white tourists to survive, they had to get by selling the garbage we left behind in WW@ !

Classic !

I have always been fiercely skeptical about the wealth of the Arab World : it's like Arab riches are the ultimate indication of global human social justice. These people had nothing but sand until progress led the white man into their shit hole lands.

After Euros discovered a decent use for all that dead dinosaur juice, of course instead of like real men just going in there an appropriating it, we turned these stone-age rag heads into Ga-Billionaires, camel-fuckers of limited IQ and civilizational ability, made overnight into some of the richest humans in history, all thanks to white, Western innovation.

Doesn't seem fair somehow.