Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Failing to Understand, Even Downright Downplaying Of Western Exceptionalism by the Eunuchs at Amerika's Newspaper of Record

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"Does America Need Manufacturing?", by visiting Times communist Joe Gertner, is an entire feature article published in the Times Sunday Magazine today that blabbers on for three thousand words about electric cars and the emerging car battery industry in Michigan.

Nary a word on why Michigan - Detroit in particular - is a graveyard of once-mighty factories.

In this cafe-latte age of neutered eunuchs with fashionable eyewear and Facebook fancies of post-Industrial greatness, the New York Times once again shows its utter inability (refusal) to identify the true woes of an ailing civilization.

It is screamingly obvious that a more honest feature story on manufacturing in the US would have addressed the root causes behind why it is impossible today to buy a pair of scissors that weren't Made in China (and thus cheap, and disposable). Namely :

- suicidal marketplace liberalism ;

- monumental differences in group ability ;

- the supremacy of the unions ;

- most glaringly, the suicidal nature of egalitarian, One World thinking of the elites.

I was looking at a video shot in a Mercedes Benz factory. You can check it out below: 

Notice anything strange about the labor situation over there at Mercedes?

Now, in contrast with the Mercedes vid, watch the video below. It illustrates what is going on in what is left of the American auto industry. The person giving the tour is a Chrysler employee at the Detroit plant that makes Jeeps :

Now, in light of the way the US auto industry seems handicapped by certain workforce issues, the Times' skepticism about the future of American manufacturing seems almost justified. 

From the NYT article :

(to be continued...) ...


Anonymous said...

Those Merc makers shure do look like a bunch of nazis.

And holy shit what about the retard in the second vid? !

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something in the second video? I didn't see any cars being put together. I see a few people doing nothing. Where are the cars? I saw car parts, but you can't drive car parts.

Anonymous said...

To the second commenter :

What you missed in the 2nd video, is that the UAW official who is giving the official tour of the Chrysler plant in this Detroit factory, is stupid to the point of being retarded, literally.

Listen carefully to the interview again, you'll see what's going on:

Chrysler somehow thought that setting this incredibly unintelligent person up as a sort of ambassador to visiting foreign journalists, would earn them points on the diversity index.

What they failed to take into account is that there are more and more people today who recognize hard-core stupidity for what it really is, and for where it really lurks (as in, in certain populations, namely the erectii).

I highly, HIGHLY doubt that were Mercedes to produce a factory video, they would get some butt-fucking stupid african to give the tour.

Check the video out again: this nigger is so unintelligent, it is DOWNRIGHT SHOCKING!

And to think that he holds a relatively important union position in a modern factory!!

THAT is the point of the vid.

Anonymous said...

Ironically Mercedes and Jeep were the same company 1998 - 2007.

The current Jeep Grand Cherokee is based on a Mercedes model.

Mercedes ended up paying for another company to take Chrysler off its hands.

FIAT now own Chrysler though, maybe they will do better?