Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wishful Thinking Reality Contortionists at the New York Times Hide the Truth About Widespread Cheating in Amerika's Public Schools

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The New York Times is a lying, cheating club of verminous little weasels.

As we have seen, the diversity enforcers of 42nd street would do anything to make their marxist universalist worldview a reality for the entire world. If such a lofty goal required the elimination of an entire people, then so be it. The New York Times would say they are afflicting the comfortable, is all.

Remember when the Times' wishful thinking resulted in a paroxysm of "shiver down their leg" white uber-gullibility? The Times even came up with a name for it: The Obama Effect.

How did it work? Well, the Times told us that by winning the presidency,  Mein Obama by his mere existence, à la Nobel Peace Prize, was suddenly increasing the cranial capacity of and therefore boosting the IQs of adorable little black children throughout the nation.

This ludicrous claim actually made it into print, in this article :

Study Sees an Obama Effect As Lifting Black Test Scores

However I suspect that even the disingenuous little pussies at the Times recognized how phenomenally stupid this whole theory sounded, which is why they seem to have sort of dropped the concept of an "Obama Effect" since this fantasy made its way into their pages in late 2009.

As the stats keep rolling in, smashing with every new graph the Times' claims of human non-biodiversity, the lying lunatics at Amerika's newspaper of record are forced to devise new ways of deceiving a readership that thanks to the internet and sites like this one is increasingly well-informed and more skeptical of official dogma every day. Sometimes this involves outright lies, such as in the "Obama Effect." Other times this involves deception through omission, as, once again, we have in this article about widespread cheating the Pennsylvania public school system:

"Pennsylvania Joins States Facing A School Cheating Scandal"

This article is remarkably tepid, diluted, it's like a portrait painted with a mop on a postage stamp: it tells us nothing about what is really going on.

The New York Times: Failing To Paint The Big PIcture Since 1999

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Mao's great leap foward where communist officals falsified yearly agricultural yeald figures in order to keep their jobs.