Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

French TV : Stunningly Brazen Anti-White Propaganda From "Le Petit Journal" on The Canal Plus Network, The Show Is The French Equivalent Of Comedy Central's Own "Daily Show With Jon Stuart" (oops, Johnathon Stuart Leibovitz, that's better) - Check Out This Interview With Evolutionary Mutant Rapper (huh?) "Young Thug" - It's Fascinating

Tue. 10 Nov. MMXV
The insanity of the French open-boarders self-hating anti-white media elite conformists is even more extreme than what we see here in the USA, practically.

It's true that here we have the free-tuition low-information affirmative-axshun low-expectations ethnic crowd who are depicted as social justice heroes and featured on the front page of this nation's "newspaper of record", but in France, meanwhile, the "PC Principal" meme often-times takes the insanity to a whole other level.

Consider the editorial line of the predictable idiots at Canal Plus's "Le Petit Journal" : this is a nightly news parody show that relies heavily on cynicism and snarky commentary. The only problem is that every iota of this cynicism is directed like a military-grade laser at anyone and everyone, so long as those targeted are white, male, and preferably heterosexual, in a nutshell.

Consider for a moment this Petit Journal episode from October 28th :

The first story in the linked video is about two French Lear-jet pilots who just escaped from the Dominican Republic by boat, while out on bail awaiting trial for what likely were bogus drug smuggling charges. They were facing 20 years in prison on Hispanolia, that paradise island where the Haitian side to the West has been contributing to humanity since 1804.

In the French Pilots story, what happened was that a Frenchman named Aymeric Chauprade, who as an elected anti-immigration member of the EU Parliament had had close ties to Marine Le Pen, allegedly helped smuggle these pilots out of DR aboard a small power boat.

Here is an image of that escape :

Sorry that play button doesn't work. Watch video by going here.
PS: It's at the one minute 20 seconds mark. 
The French media has been salivating over this story since it first emerged, eager as always to slander Marine Le Pen whatever way they can. (In this case via the Guilt By Association clause of every unique-think leftist idiot in France).

Marine Le Pen has a very high chance of capturing the presidency in 2017 (elections are held in April) ; her popularity is growing daily as France begins to suffer the ripple effects of childless German Chancellor Angela Merkel's  camp-of-the-saints maneuver against her own people.

So, what we have here, is the French cuckoo media elites obsessing over two men on an illegal international boat trip, while within spitting distance of Paris you have literally thousands of  dirty substandard Chinese and Turk-made rubber rafts arriving on the shores of Greece every single day. Spilling forth according to the honest media elites at the New York Times, a tsunami of Syrian doctors, lawyers and engineers who are so grateful to be given shelter in Germany and Sweden, that they solemnly swear to pay for you grandmother's hospice care with love and affection, when the time comes.

They will take care of your daughter, too. (But probably not in the way that it was written on the brochure).


So while Europe is being swamped by biblical hordes of angry muslim young men whose backgrounds are in failed gender-segregated societies where women are treated as commodities and children especially boys are legitimately considered sexual playthings ("US Soldiers Told To Ignore Sexual Abuse Of Boys By Afghan Allies"), a "Daily Show With John Leibovitz" - style program that airs every night in France steers clear of the mountains of garbage and abandoned orange life vests on the shores of Lesbos Greece, and focuses instead on an allegedly inappropriate-at-worst, possibly illegal re-patriation of two French Lear Jet pilots.

So: Europe is withering, the faggots at these disgustingly disingenuous shows like "Daily Show" and "Le Petit Journal," while pretending to be funny what they are really doing is assisting a very real psy-ops agenda designed to mollify white Euros into accepting their displacement by brown hordes.
Regarding Canal's long news segment on the Dominican Island prisoner evacuation :

Think about it: this would be roughly equivalent to MSNBC spending the evening of September 11th, 2001, devoting an entire live news segment to say a hit-and-run in San Antonio Texas, while zero mentioning the carnage happening at the WTC.

There is no question that the French have a strong sense of sarcastic humor. The prob is that instead of directing this sarcasm towards the disastrous (and Biblical FFS) Grand Remplacement happening continent-wide, the Parisian media elites at Canal Plus focus their viewers' attention upon a proportionately insignificant page seven news story.

But wait it gets better !

The Petit Journal has a fat little yarmulke named Moulud Achour who has a highly embarrassing obsession with American "rappeurs."

I mean this guy Achour improves on the New York Times' own coverage of rap "music" by "rap critic" Jon Caramanica, by revealing to the viewer that the French are progressive enough to willingly thrust their tongues up the rectums of disgusting, primitive, vile USA-bred "rappers," such as in this hilariously disturbing interview of some foul-mouthed American rapper named "Young Thug" :

Entartete Kunst my friends. Make no mistake about it.

If a creature like this foul-mouthed yellow-toothed 'young thug' can burrow its way through whatever devices into the mainstream conscience of European "culture," this is but further indication that the rot extends deep, Deep, DEEP below the surface.

It's 2015 People ! Suck It ! 
Bonus Snickers :

Wait what ? Aviation history according to the freakazoids at Google today 10Nov.MMXV : (oh my sweet Jesus it is a veterans' day tribute !).
Naaaahhhh - dude there ain't no such thing as a low-frequency war on whites (males) ;

Naaahhhh - dude that's nonsense when you talk about the Great Replacement ;

Naaahhhh - That scientific report from the National Academy Of Sciences that revealed that white American males aged 45 - 54 were the only demographic to show a consistently higher mortality rate than all other groups in a 15 year period ending in 2014, that can't be true and even more importantly : if it were true who would care ? 

Answer: certainly not the New York Times. That's why the study's authors (one has a Nobel Science Prize) were stunned when they were systematically shunned by all the big science publishers.



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