Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Clock Boy Makes A Bizarre Appearance In Leggo My Eggo Commercial

After visiting with Obama, Google, Madonna and the King of Saudia Arabia, Clock Boy has been granted political asylum in Qatar (the Islamic kingdom that has taken in exactly ZERO Syrian refugees) (though the Qataris HAVE offered to contribute two hundred million dollars to help Germany build new mosques for those Syrian refugees newly settled in Deutschland (those who have not already died as martyrs while attacking the white citizens of their European host countries, that is))....

Anyhoo Clock Boy somehow showed up today in a Kelloggs "Leggo My Eggo" commercial that had been featuring - perhaps illegally - a sinister all-white American family enjoying breakfast together with zero diversity in the room.

Clock Boy to the rescue ! :

Important Note :
Kellogg has apparently scrapped the longer, more blatantly racist version of this commercial, due to an onslaught no doubt of racist comments reminiscent of the Cheerios commercial that featured a little mixed race girl named Gracie and her coal-burning mummy entitled "Heart Healthy."

That original longer version of the Eggo ad - which I came across while searching the French news-parody site "Le Petit Journal" - featured for the first 25 seconds an all-white American family (Mum, Dad, little girl, little brother, and really little little sister) whose idyllic kitchen breakfast setting is interrupted only in the past few seconds of the film by Clock Boy-lookalike who tears in from stage-right only to witness the incompetent buffoonery of his white "father" helplessly shaking the broken toaster, before going straight to the freezer to retrieve a Leggo-brand breakfast sandwich he then pops into the microwave. When the oldest daughter of his incompetent, clueless, white "family" attempts to snatch the new microwave treat from his dark Asian hands, Clock Boy scolds her (a little too menacingly) with that uber-American pop-consumer tag line: "Leggo my Eggo... Breakfast Sandwich."

You see the white man can't get a toaster to work to feed his family, and in any case he is too stupid and too unenlightened to realize that the good anti-racist progressives at Kelloggs introduced the microwaveable Eggo Breakfast Sandwhich like, eons ago.

Naah, there's nothing anti-white going on here. Nothing at all.

Move along people, nothing to see here.

Move along....


Anonymous said...

You are right I noticed it too : the original "Leggo My Eggo" breakfast sandwhich commercial featured the asian kid only in the last few seconds of the commercial.

The first 25 seconds of THAT commercial featured ONLY the white members of the family - Father, Mother, two daughters and one son.

The introduction of the asian kid in the final few seconds of the original commercial (NOT the one seen here) makes for a much-bigger WTF moment, as in: What the fuck is that asian kid doing in a white family's breakfast kitchen?

And then the realization slowly comes across the viewer : "Oh I get it, the asian kid who looks like clock Boy must be adopted, how could I be so racist that I would think that ?"

The traitors to the white race are really truly every-fucking where. The anti-white narrative extends to every mili-fiber of corporate American advertising, it is a confounding thing.

How can these assholes at Kelloggs justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising that seeks nonstop to denigrate, spit upon, and belittle their white American consumer base ?

Truly a baffling situation.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

What is clockboy doing in a pancake commercial I thought he was visiting with Obongo in the White House.