Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, November 29, 2015

NYT : "African American Art Unknown Not Because Bad, But Because: Racism"

Sun29 Nov. MMXV
So three days ago the psychopathic reality reversers at the New York Times published this glowing obituary of some obscure artist I had never heard of named Eldzier Cortor.

Cortor's obit was published in the Business Section, but it was promoted right there on the NYT front page.

I like to read the obituaries - I find that shit fascinating (channeling Dennis Hopper, Mr. Worley). But when I got to this Cortor person's obit, I was pretty stunned by the mediocrity and that is not to say, outright worthlessness, of this guy's art.

Why was the New York Times lionizing such an obviously inferior artist on their front page in the most expensive publishing real estate on earth ?

"Eldzier Cortor, Painter of Scenes From African American Social Life, Dies at 99"

Here's some work by Mister Cortor :

Is this guy exaggerating his co-ethnics'
prognathism on purpose ? 
Huh ?

That's right : in their insane mission (to boost their own status-whoring bona fides), the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record go to extreme lengths to uplift blacks no matter what. 

The Cortor story finally made sense today, when right there on the front page, the quivering beta-freaks at the NYT published a gigantic, above-the-fold hagiography of yet another obscure black artist, this one an "abstract expressionist" (meh) named Norman Lewis featured in a double-feature laugh fest entitled "Black Artists And The March Into The Museum."

In that article, Sir Stealz-a-Lot Shlomo Rubenstein explains to us pleebs why it is important to spend a lot of money on African American "art" : 
"The reasons go beyond the ebbing of overt racism. The shift is part of a broader revolution underway in museums and academia to move the canon past a narrow, Eurocentric, predominantly male version of Modernism, bringing in work from around the world and more work by women. But the change is also a result of sustained efforts over decades by black curators, artist-activists, colleges and collectors, who saw periods during the 1970s and the 1990s when heightened awareness of art by African-Americans failed to gain widespread traction."
Oops, the actual quote is here :
"But even abstract artists like Lewis, who resisted pressure from within the black art world to be more overtly political, were eclipsed — in part, paradoxically, because when curators did seek out black artists’ work, figuration helped them check off a box. “Up until about five years ago, when curators came to us, they were really only interested in narrative works that showed the black experience so they could demonstrate in no uncertain terms to their visitors that they were committed to representing black America,” said the New York dealer Michael Rosenfeld, who has shown work from black artists and their estates for decades. One indication that serious change is afoot, he said, is that more and more museums are seeking prime abstract works by black artists."
The freak-a-zoids at the New York Times stood in awe and bewilderment at this shining example of african American artistic achievement, which they claim sold at auction for eight million shekels - um, dollars :

That's right : a basketball hoop light fixture worth eight million dollars.

Call it entarte kunst at your peril.


The New York Times : Uplifting African Americans With Psychopathic Abandon... Since Last Night's Midnight Basketball Party Where 17 People Were Shot At the Bunny Friend Playground


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the stuff hanging on the walls at the Atlanta International Airport. My kid does better work with crayons and paper.

Anonymous said...

??? Media is not message!! Does your crayon-wielding kid understand Nazi take-over art?

Anonymous said...

I raise you.
A benificiary of the 60's sheenywood riposte to God, Man, nature, and all quantifiable, empirical perception that was "guess who's coming to nigger?"

An art mandrill known by the Humanish eponym, chris ofili.

"The Holy Virgin Mary, his 1996 painting of a black Madonna with a clump of elephant dung on one breast and cutouts of genitalia from pornographic magazines in the background caused quite a stir."


I can't even raise the ire to attempt a fecal focussed wisecrack!

Chimpgimps back to the Continent of Dr Moreau.
Elephants welcomed as refugees.

Jan Sobieski