Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Night, November 15th MMXV

Sun. 15 Nov MMXV
The New York Times is responsible in large part for #parisattax, as a result of their disastrously unrealistic far-left-of-center editorial positions.

Make no mistake : pathological altruism does not work. It is deadly, in fact, when it is applied to a people whose ancestors wanted to kill the ancestors of those who practice it today.

Or per Aristotle : irrational morality is no morality at all.

The vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record want the losers of the world to win. This is the sick reality behind their psychotic credo "to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

What just happened in Paris is as much a result of the childless German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bid to earn feels by importing fake refugees from former British mandate Syria, as it is the NYT's own board of editors, who have been pushing with increasing intensity these past few months (/years) for a total re-tread of the anglo-centric government-based morality that has defined how the Western world works since 1945.

The Verminous Reality Contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record have been going full-psycho for a long time now.

The nonsense that oozes from the diseased pages of that sickening newspaper every single day for the past decade has been in almost direct proportion to the rise of a worldwide conservative pushback against the Western-led NWO, as witnessed by the growing popularity and assertiveness of 3rd world muslim supremacists empowered by the social media platform given to them by white Western technology (and food aid).

I sense that the traitorous vermin at the New York Times are secretly giddy with delight that European Man has received what was coming to him on Friday the 13th of November, MMXV.

Deep down, the New York Times hates Hates HATES the West, and will not be content until it is Shut Down.

Sheeeoouuuuuuutttt Eeeeiiitttttttttttt DDooooooooowwwwnnnnnn!

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