Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 21, 2015

COPS : Has Anyone Else Noticed This Propensity Among African American Criminals When Under Pressure To Become Repetitive ?

Has anyone else noticed the uniquely african-american tendency to say the same few words over and over again, a little à la Tourette Syndrome, in certain stressful situations ?

In this case here we have the black perp - no doubt emboldened to get cocky with law enforcement by the BLM movement and Al-Husseini Obama's own spirited support for that group of race-hustling frauds - as he is being placed under arrest ("Meh I know muh Rights !"), repeatedly uttering the same words over and over and over : "Meh dat my lighta. Meh dat my lighta. Meh dat my lighta."

In the video below (starting at the 7:45" mark) the African American criminal actually says "Meh dat my lighta" a grand total of eleven times in the space of just a few seconds.

After denying the obvious for the first pitiful ninety seconds, the perp says : "I tell you duh God honest troof : I picked it up, I was about to deliver to muh home boy." (Speaking about a bag of narcotics fond in his car).

But what really intrigues in this one and all these videos, is the almost Darwinian propensity for African Americans when in an excited state, to say the same thing over and over ("I aint dindu nuffins officer" "I aint dindu nuffins officer" "I aint dindu nuffins officer").

Is it possible that when under stress, the African American brain (meh) becomes somehow incapable of formulating full sentences, and instead resorts to blurting out an almost animalistic, irrational  refrain when cornered, as some kind of weird ancestral trait encoded in their DNA ?

This is about the ten thousandth time I have seen this confounding example of crazy, flight-or-fight-like African American behavior. The video posted below is a good but not the best example of this curious HBD atavism.

Here's the vid (advance to the 7:30" mark) :
(sorry unable to embed at this time) :


We just don't see this behavior EVER among members of other ethnic groups, which leads to conclude that this type of verbal tic among blacks, is something that is deep-rooted in the hardwiring of their brains, and is therefore almost uniquely genetic in origin and as a result 100% impervious to the extant public policy that tries to reign it in.

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