Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pitiful Pandering To A Sniveling Affirmative Action Bad-Book Promotion On The Very Front Page Of The Book Review Of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

"Northern Passage", by first-time AA novelist Ayana Mathis, reviewed for the NYTBR by Isabel Wilkerson.

Thinking - wrongly - that people on the right-thinking right like COTTS readers aren't paying attention anymore, the verminous reality contortionists, the sniveling competitive compassionates at Amerika's newspaper of record try to fly past us front page praise for the decidedly mediocre first-time novelists of the likes of Ayana Mathis, in a scheme that in a sane society would be readily known as "comforting the afflicted on steroids."

This type of disingenuous praise is akin to awarding Michelle Obama a Pulitzer for her Princeton "Whitey Be Bad An Sheeit" dissertation, the whole sad and pitiful all of it which can be read  here: "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community by Michelle LaVaughn Robinson".  

From the Times' front page "Northern Passage" review:

It is curious to note that in today's Times Book Review, not only did the One Worlders of Forty Second Street devote their entire front page  (the most expensive real estate in the publishing world) to a never-before published first-time African American female and budding grievance novelist, they also gave us a juicily biased review of a far more important - if disastrously slanted - historical work by Harvard historian Bernard Bailyn, "The Barborous Years - The Peopling Of British North America,  The Conflict Of Civilizations, 1600 - 1675." Of course for the swine of the Times, Bailyn's history of early European settlement of North America does not sufficiently expound upon the inherent evils of those founding ancestors of ours, while at the same time also failing to extoll the noble savage virtue of the native indians and the wheelless black africans brought to the new world so the three groups could "make a new world together," in the words of the clueless reviewer of Bailyn's "Barbarous Years,"  Times Book Review contributor Charles C. Mann.

From Mann's review of Bailyn's "Barabarous Years" :
As the title indicates, the story is as grim as it is fascinating: a group portrait in tones of greed, desperation and brutality. In recent years conservative writers dismayed by historical revisionism have flooded stores with books extolling the character and sagacity of America’s founders. “The Barbarous Years” is not one of them.
Um, there goes the New York Times, in a lie as sickening as it is blatant, trying to make the reader believe that history has recently been re-written in favor of "America's founders," and not rather to the benefit of people who look like this :

The New York Times: Won't Be Happy Until The Losers Are Made To Be Winners, And The Winners Are Made To Be, Well... Dead Or Extinct


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If he looked like that he would not have been wearing clothes like that.

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I meant if had looked like that he would not have been wearing clothes that had looked like that.

Firepower said...

What's the deal with antiwhite media? Does the guy even care? I've blogrolled him for 9 months. I can't even comment on his site b/c he doesn't even check his comments in mod - pretty fucking stupid to initiate communication/foundation building then trash it with neglect.