Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Haiti, Again: Like A Confused Kitten Contemplating A Porcupine, The Verminous Reality Contortionists Of Forty Second Street Reveal Their Tragic Cluelessness

...But are they really so genuine in their declared perplexedness about why Haiti is the way it is?

Answer: neh.

Behold this Sunday Times Book Review, entitled "A World Of Its Own - "Farewell, Fred Voodoo," By Amy Wilentz, reviewed by Times communist and chronic HBD denialist Ben Fountain.

This is yet another example of the creepy utopians at the NYT allowing their militant ideology and wishful thinking to trump reality.

In the case of Haiti, the vermin at the Times will do backflips and dance blindfolded on a high wire before admitting what is obvious to their neighbors in the DR and what was obvious to Hesketh Pritchard over 100 years ago: namely that Haiti is the way it is not because of some Jared Diamond-style convergence of environmental factors, but rather because it is, quite simply, filled with Haitians.

From the Ben Fountain review :

You read that correctly. Conformist, cowardly weenies like this Ben Fountain at the NYT  are doing the people of Haiti so much more harm than good, when they insist on identifying the problems that befuddle that Caribbean cesspool as something they are entirely not.

The New York Times and, indeed, the West was not always like this when it came to reporting on politically sensitive subject matter. Pritchard himself actually contributed articles to the Times, but at a time when to tell the truth was not a crime of un-PC.

If it is this hard to find honest reporting on Haiti in the internet era, imagine how hard it must have been to find honest assessments of Haiti for brainwashed hive minders like the child who wrote this thesis for her masters degree at Georgia State:

"Imagining Haiti: Representations of Haiti in the American Press during the U.S. Occupation,
1915-1934", by Molly M. Baroco, Georgia State University (contact: mbaroco1@student.gsu.edu)

Little Miss Molly you see discovered that way back in the day, the New York Times was a big meanie waciss newspaper, because they reported somewhat truthfully on Haiti a century ago.

From her "thesis" :
"From 1915 through 1919, the New York Times editorials were supportive of the occupation and condescending toward Haiti.  Even when the paper briefly became critical of the occupation in 1920, its editorials continued to represent Haitians as an inferior people. By 1921 they had resumed their support of U.S. action in Haiti. In chapter 2, I will examine editorials published by the paper from 1915 to 1921, and demonstrate that in the paper’s persistent defense of American policy in Haiti it used different but related discursive strategies to rationalize the military occupation for its readers. These strategies of rationalization can be identified as paternalism, depoliticization, and differentiation. In its editorials, the paper couched the U.S. domination and oppression of Haiti in terms of a paternal relationship in which the U.S. was a fatherly guide, at once benevolent and disciplinary, to Haiti, its childlike, unruly, ward."
How happy our little pupil Molly must be now, knowing that the NYT has seen the light, and committed itself in this digital age to telling the truth about why Haiti has been become so dysfunctional since all those meanie French wacissts were murdered in a glorious bloodbath of liberation: namely, it's whitey's fault.

If you want to spend the rest of January feeling jaded and cynical, then do read the rest of Molly's thesis. While you're at it, you might as well dip your toes into another famous whitey be bad thesis that we've talked about here in the past: "Princeton Educated Blacks And The Black Community", by Michelle "I'm Wearing A Wig"  Lavaughn  "They Said I Wasn't Smart Enough"  Robinson Obama.


The New York Times: Molding Young Minds Into Monsters Of Leftist Conformity Since 1929

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Its just more conditioning to ensure that Joe public continues to feel pity when places like Haiti & every other African cesspit appears on the media.