Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Full Jacket Historical Revisionism: The Rabid Reality Reversers At The New York Times Let Slip A Big One

As advertised on the front page of today Saturday's national edition - again, that which would be the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth - the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record published a review of the new, expanded World War Two Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can see the preview of the Times' NOLA WW2 Museum on their front page at right, at the bottom of today's broadsheet. It's the first picture (part of a yellowish aircraft) directly below Afghan prez Karzai, who himself is pictured on the front page right Below The Fold, in the presence of Barack Obama, PBUH.

Of course, as we have seen in previous posts, there is more to what really happened in WW2 than that which is presented in the criminally misleading pages of the NYT. The dictum "History Is Written By The Victors" has never been more egregiously exemplified than by the gloating, triumphant, reality-inverting  wordplay of the traitorous and civilization-destroying eunuchs at Amerika's newspaper of record.

Take for example this bit of mischief that Times communist Edward Rothstein saw fit to report in his review of the new, expanded New Orleans WW2 Museum, entitled "A Big Exhibition About an Even Bigger War - National World War II Museum, in New Orleans, Expands"  : 

From the Times review : 

What is really telling in this Times review of the new New Orleans addition to its own WW2 Museum, however, comes at the end of the piece, almost as though it were a slip-up by Times communist Eddie Rothstein :

The Times and their revisionistic, policy-twisting kommissars make it clear in this didactic statement what we already know : the six million figure no matter what can never, will never be questioned; however the far greater and more horrifying figures of the many more actual civilians that were German, Eastern Europeans, Slavic and Soviet who died as a result of Allied war crimes will never be discussed, of course. They are not even on the table to discuss. 

It is funny with what condescending flippancy this Times journo actually dismissed the whole thought: "Oy (*sigh*) .. maybe half a mil murdered. No biggy". 

The New York Times: Living The Lie Since 1939 . 

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