Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can You Spot The Curious Common Theme In These Two Front Page Photos ?

Question: What is the common thread in these two front page photos, in the NYTs' national edition published today Thursday 10 January 2013, and in the NYT's Global Edition - the International Herald Tribune, also published today Thursday 10 January 2013?

The first - depicting all-white Jersey victims of yesterday's ferry accident at Pier 11 -  is from the national edition of today's newspaper of record ;  the second photo - depicting a white Aussie grandmom protecting her five (five!) grandchildren from a fire in  Tanzania in Australia - is from the "Global edition" of the New York Times, namely the IHT or "International Herald Tribune".

Answer: the only time - the only time the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times ever publish photos of white people on their front pages, is when said Euro-majority whites are either prostrate or somehow diminished, as in today's double example.

The New York Times:  Rhymes With Death To Whitey Since 1982.


Anonymous said...

Hitler's Revenge, Indeed.

Anonymous said...

The "verminous Reality Contortionists" at the New York Times are, in fact, the evil EVIL agents of a ZOG one-world anti-white conspiracy.

Jeez, talk about the Mother of All Conspiracies.

The Biggest, Ugliest One of all is right before our eyes, and were it not for sites like this one and a handful of others like it, the truth would slide right past us, unperceived.

Alex Marshallwitz said...

Spot on.

Sick sick sickening, ...

But: spot on.

Anonymous said...

Clearly not enough jews went to the ovens. Something must be done about that.

Anonymous said...

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