Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Django Action Dolls Nixed By Hyper-Sensitive (And Knowingly Complicit) Weinstein & Co., While Basquiat In All His Invented, SWPL Fraudulent Splendor Soars To Record Prices At Auction

The comments here are refreshingly candid. 

Here's an excerpt for those too lazy to click on the link : 

Meanwhile, at Sothebys : 

That's right folks, nine million pounds. Like twenty million bucks. 

They keep saying over and over and over how great and unbelievable this Basquiat is, better than Picasso blah blah blah. Yeah, Picasso did some scribbling, but you must know that before his abstract work gained traction Picasso used his classical training - and his undeniable talent - to produce works like this: 

So do you suppose that this turd-hair clown Basquiat could have ever created anything even close? 

Answer: the more you look, the more you will see that this mediocre ghetto idiot is nothing but a sinister invention of the same elites who moulded the equally unremarkable Barry Hussein into the current POTUS. They are both nothing more than inventions, sad byproducts dreamed up out of thin air by an organic cabal of sinister leftists hell-bent on "comforting the afflicted, and killing off the comfortable." 

Make no mistake: this shit does not happen in a vacuum. The evil gloved villains can almost be perceived, pulling the strings from behind the thick red velvet curtain, a diabolical smirk on their ghoulish faces. 

Bonus feature for students of SWPL : a clip from the 1996 Julian Schnabel film "Basquiat", with appearances by all the "greatest" Hollywood actors of the day. 

(Warning : DWL Gag Alert! This film reaches absolute new pinnacles of competitive compassion  afrophilia [CCA], ethnomasochism, and disingenuous white liberal brown-nosing).

White folks wear their status like a crown of thorns. Being at the top of the food chain is a drag sometimes? Those pesky beige people and their inability to take a joke? Our racism (all of us) haunts us the longer it goes unexamined. If you're not working race out, it is the elephant in your room. Quentin Tarantino has never examined either his heart or his sensibilities and thus creates art that is racist and misogynistic. The reason is not that he's an awful person, he's just lazy intellectually and has not worked this stuff out. How do I know this? When Harvey Weinstein is your conscience, you know there is work to be done.


TimFrom Ind said...

Jeesus christ ! I've heard of this basquiat character but I never realized we was nothing but a turd-haired fake invented by guilty whites !

Holy Moly that shit is lame.

U*nbelievable !!

DeathToNiggerLovers said...

To give you a better idea of how stupid fuck white people idealize this fraudulent nigger and take it up the ass singing its praises, check out this snivelling Huff POst piece by some faggot white bitch who has his tongue halfway up the rectum of that hideous beast, that white invention Basquiat, it of half-Haitian provenance, a total, 100%, DWL White creation and invention. :


Anonymous said...

Only white people would pay to see an anti-white propaganda film which blatantly rewrites history to portray the white man as the sole perpetrator of slavery and evil in the world. And then after indulging in this degeneracy, recommended it.


Anonymous said...

LOL. This is unreal. My three year old granddaughter "drew" an "artwork" similar to this. She brought it to me and held it up to me and said "papa". That's her name for me, so I took it, praised it, and I have it stuck to my caulk board at my desk.

The jews are always into their own realities and they force these realities on to others. They constantly do this in everything. It's like trying to make people believe that Sara Jessica Parker is a big beautiful woman instead of the spindly legged horse face little jew that she is, or that Streisand in addition to singing is a gorgeous female despite that cocaine vacuum cleaner she has for a nose.