Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Reboot 2.0: After Four Years Of Furthering Fabulous Fraudulence, The Weenies At The Times Splash A Mighty PrO-Bama Puff Piece Right There On The Front Page, The Most Valuable Publishing Real Estate On Planet Earth

"Change Comes: After 4 Years, Friends See Shifts In The Obamas"

From the  article :

"Though many surrounding the Obamas say she [Moochelle "They Said I Wasn't Smart Enough" LaVaugn Robinson Obama] has changed far more than her husband, mastering a role she initially found uncomfortable, she still treats the job of first lady like a dangerous country through which she must navigate safe passage. The woman who never wanted to live in the bubble now uses it to protect herself, according to friends and former aides, preparing her public activities in 6- and 12-month strategic plans, rarely saying anything unscripted. First ladies are often figures of comfort, but she did not address the Newtown tragedy, beyond two brief letters she published, even though some of her fans were clamoring for the self-described “mom in chief” to do more." 




Later in Times' communist Jodi Kantor's love poem of an article, the one-worldist prObamaite elites at Amerika's newspaper of record reveal very clearly their subliminal yet hideous and sinister plan to launch the Fraudulent One into a stratospheric orbit where no mortal Westerner can ever touch him : 

"Mr. Obama’s entire career has been about getting to the next stage: if he could only become a lawyer, and then a public official, and then a United States senator, and then president, he could create real change. But soon there will be no higher job to reach for, and aides say there is an all-business quality to the Obamas now, a contrast with the sense of possibility that hung over the first inauguration." 
No mention, of course, of how exactly the Invented One was able to ascend to all those celestial places in Western society. Or what exactly he would do to the very civilization that gullibles from places like Vermont (over 60% of them)  gave him a mandate to do. 

The New York Times: Telling Only Half The Story Since 2008. 

The Turd In The Gene Pool,  Created And Sustained By The Verminous Elites Of 42nd Street
(note the out of focus - i.e. "irrelevant now!"  - white Marine in the background)

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Anonymous said...

You might also note the blurred and out of focus US flag painted on the Obamatron's private taxpayer paid helicopter.