Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Facebook Founder "Weds" His Butt Buddy, The New York Times Peeks Out From Behind The Velvet Curtain And Sneers With Delight: "Efferything Iz Going Vright On Schedvule"

Imagine for a moment how the two super-smart geeks below would 
Sun1stJulMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
be living were they in 1920, not 
twenty-twelve. Both being from respectable families, they would have had the opportunities and resources to use their brain power to make considerable contributions to society. Socials mores of the time would have all but guaranteed that they would have married and become fathers to possibly four kids each. Their homosexuality would have been vaguely tolerated, the object of whispered speculation in well-dusted hallways. 

But as members of an enlightened and progressive yankee elite, it's not like they would have been openly attacked, unless they really rubbed it in the face of society à la Wilde vs. Queensbery

Maybe they would have complained later in life about how straight society had refused to dress up in drag and fully accept them, but that type of disingenuous whining is the byproduct of constant pressure from the professional whiner groups that form the Ragtag Leftist-LGBT Coalition.


The New Elite as embodied by the suicidal diversity fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record,  pushes smart young whites like these two in a whole new direction, literally a suicidal direction for the demographic future of Western Civilization. Instead of producing eight equally smart little copies of themselves, as they most likely would have one hundred years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes-Elridge will likely create precisely zero children. Okay maybe they'll adopt and wind up looking something like this : 

JC Penney Father's Day Ad
Whereas in the past social norms corrected for the alternative behavior of these two so-called gays, Mesdemoiselles Hughes and Eldridge, today there are no such fail-safes. With the number-one policy-influencing so-called newspaper of record fanning the flames of change with the intensity of an autistic child on PCP, and with white pussies like those featured above seemingly in endless supply, well, fuck the internet, I'd rather be in 1920. 

The New York Times: Deconstructing Western Civilization Since 1920. 


Juniper in the Desert said...

I notice in the JC Penney's father's day (...) ad, that the little girls face is blurred. She is not really there, only boys and their fathers!! Can you imagine tribes of paedophile homosexuals, children and adults, all screwing each other? Surely the Greeks did not go that far??

rjp said...

And the New Republic the butt eater publishes reads like you would expect. I recommend the kisses in the comments .... :


Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I vomit.