Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheering On The AIDS Zombies Of Africa: Proof Positive of Pathological Altruism And Venn Diagram Obtuseness From Tricky Nick Kristof

"The Coffin-Maker Benchmark" by tricky Nicholas Kristof, was published on page 1 of today's  "Sunday Review" section. The bold-print subtitle bellows: "In Africa, the drop in AIDS deaths is partly thanks to help from the U.S."

Gee, thanks for the news flash Herr Kristof.

Naturally the U.S. is to "thank" for curtailing AIDS deaths in Africa, Nick, you idiot. Thanks a lot. While you're at it, why don't you get really truthful and expose another fundamental reality behind AIDS, Western PA (Pathological Altruism), and the run-away population explosion in the "developing world" that enables population replacement here at home? In other words, Tricky Nick, do you have the cojones to admit in print that the Starvin Marvins of Africa who survive da AIDS in Africa were incentivized, incubated and burfed as a direct result of Western munificence in the first place? And that their growing numbers pose an existential threat to non-African countries - especially European and other white countries, with their generous political asylum and social welfare policies -  planet-wide?

Like the Venn Diagram concept mentioned in the title and in a previous post, Kristof seems to be concerned with only one of those three circles, and blissfully unaware (or willfully blind to, as he sneakily attempts to conceal a hidden agenda?) of the other two. Kind of like an oncologist who identifies the offending tumor in a patient's small toe, only as the patient dies of smoke inhalation because his apartment is on fire, because his entire neighborhood has been firebombed, because his  entire city is under seige by a mortal enemy... Something like that (Hey! It's a new concept. We're working on it).

The West in general and the United States in particular have been the most generous high-value-producing peoples towards non-rich peoples in the history of the planet. Did the Romans - who had sewerage and water-delivery systems that were not equalled in much of Western Europe until the 1870s  - allocate substantial amounts of their federal budgets to assist foreign peoples who did not look like them?

Answer: I'm no Ed Gibbons, but I'm thinking: "Not!"

Bur tricky Nick's having none of it. Like his pals at The Economist, Kristof is going to try to claim that the US is actually quite cheap when it comes to subsidizing the breeding and sustaining of Africans:

Do the New York Times' computers not have access to the internet? Cuz from the infamous PEPFAR's own website, we're seeing this :

Kristof is a lying little pussy who won't be happy until the population of Africa doubles not once every 25 years, but twice every decade. He has little love for George Bush, yet hilariously, he has this to say about one of the TOP FIVE WORST monstrosities to ever emerge from the Bush Administration (along with NCLB):

Nicholas Kristof: Distressed That Africans Are Not Reproducing Fast Enough, Since 2004.


Anonymous said...

TMN (too man niggers) in Africa is hands down the NUMBER ONE problem facing the PLANET in general, and the White Western worlds in particular, in order of impact: Europe, the USA, then Australia and NZ.

AIDS was God's gift to mankind: for the verminous neo-eugenecists to try to waver God's hand in his holy bid to keep the african problem in check (which were it not for the white man there would not be one million niggers in africa, there would be a teensy weensy fraction of that) .

Keep up the good work. I know it's depressing.

Anonymous said...

Dude: I too remember when Bush pledged thirty BILLION dollars to relieve the africans of AIDS.

Crazy, Crazy CRAZY !

Do NOT forget also that, George Bush said that the worst moment of his time in office, was when he saw the poor suffering Negroes who were too indolent and stupid to leave New Orleans prior to Katrina - even though they had been ordered to evacuate, and all the white folks did. Did Bush say that his worst moment was when we were attacked by sand niggers in hijacked planes>


For Bush, the WORST moment came when those stupid monkeys disguised as humans (hominids, I should say) got all suffery and sheet because whitey didn't lead them out by the hand to safety.

The 70% of New Orleans negroes who truly suffered as a result oif Katrina, were most def full-on retards or borderline retards, with IQs at the FAR left of the Bell Curve, meaning IQ of 70 pernts (which is EXACTLY midway between and average white IQ of 100, and the average higher primate IQ of about 40-45).

Sigh. I am so sick of this shit. Niggers fuck everything up. Their enablers/handlers pave the way to make it possible for niggers to fuck everything up.

Let me out of here! I can't take it anymore ! !

Artur said...

Re: That Economist article you inked to : behold this highly pertinent comment :

"What a nonsensical ethnocentric article! I didn't expect to see this stuff in The Economist. Another article like this and I am cancelling my subscription. The Asian or developing countries give aid for strategic reasons and to advance their interests - the Western nations give aid for helping the poor, rescuing black and brown women and children etc etc. Got it! If we look at the history of Western bilateral aid over the last 50 years, no doubt that's the conclusion we reach! Bilateral aid is almost exclusively for advancing strategic interests - bribing foreign governments so that they do more of what you want, irrespective of who the giver is. Lets get rid of Western moral pretensions. Everybody knows how nice white people are and how they are always trying to help people in poor countries out of humanitarian concern, huh?! And they tell me the year is 2011. If The Economist is peddling such nonsense, what remains for Fox News to say?"

True Dat ! It is truly CRIMINAL for the New York Tines, the Economist and the rest of the Whit Western MSM to fully dis-acknowledge the ethnic component of these realities.

White people and ONLY white people give a fuck about non-whites. Who are the competitive compassion faggots at the NEw York Times trying to kid any more?!

The Chinks do not give ONE SINGLE FUCK about niggers and their proto-hominid problems.

ThE CHINESE, the Indians, ever single other up and coming non-white group is concerned with ONE THJING and ONE THING ONLY : ethno-solidarity at the expense of the Great White MAn, he who created modern Civilization, and every repeat EVERY modern technological convenience that comes with it !!

Make no mistake: this is a War on white people in general, and White MAles in particular.

If you were a member of the Mud races, and every single civilizational, technological achievement around you could be attributed NOT to your grandfather or great grandfather or ANY of your ancestors but rather to a tiny group pf humans who every History Book says is the most evil, oppressive group to have ever walked the earth, what do you think you are going to do, for your own self-esteem and that of your sons and daughters? Are ypou going to take the side of the White Man? And his CHrist-bearing people?

No, you are going to take the side of your own mud race of people, and try to use the insidious White Guilt and media-borne denigration of the white man to bring your OWN group up at the expense of the TRUE ACHIEVERS, the true CHRIST-BEARING PEOPLE, the true CHOSEN PEOPLE, the white male, and the white race.



The mud races only evolved as a result of the master race letting her guard down.

Sorry Dude, I hate talking this way. But to see the absolute GREATE ERASURE of my own kind in this planet, at the benefit of the NOT FULLY MUD RACES, I get pretty pissed off.

I have nothing against Mexicans, MesoAmericans or non-whites. The problem is that it is not even their fault that they EXIST : The reason the world is <8% white today, has NOTHING to do with the dilegence and forward planing of the non-whites: it has everything to do with the white enablers who HATE their own kind, as a result of a serious pathology known among other names as "PAthological Altruism."

We've called it "Competitive Compassion" and "Competitive Altruism" in the past; the new book as reviews by Amren no doubt accurately

Maxwell said...

View the Economist article linked to in this post and read the comments section.

Very revealing as to the mindset of typical white people in the West, who unlike every other ethnic group on planet Earth, are 100% totally oblivious to their own interests as a group.

This does not bode well for the future of white people.

Anonymous said...

It can't be possible that Kristof actually believes what he writes.

The people who write for the Times have to be smart, you gotta give them that.

That MUST be aware of what they are perpetrating.

One day we will know for sure.

Anonymous said...

The Orwellian Times is right out of "1984". It's news speak. It's downright lies to twisted and tortured half truths. The joos that run the Times have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell is right. Whites are concerned about every races' fate except their own. It's unbelievable. The coloreds could give a damn less about Whites are any other race. It's just give us what we want or else we'll just take it, and the Whites comply. rlialsoo

ben tillman said...

The reason you can get "remarkable results" from spending money on AIDS in Africa is that the numbers were bogus to begin with. Just change the numbers, and it appears you have gotten results.