Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Another Feat Of Unbelievable, Shameful Reality Reversal, The Pointy-Headed Eunuchs At The New York Times Lyingly Report On The Color Of Crime (Victims)

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One day after a dread-locked human cockroach shot a white Housing Authority cop point blank in the heart in the stairwell of a public housing project in New York's Lower East Side, the verminous reality reversers at Amerika'a policy-making newspaper of record felt compelled to give us this story :

"A Boy Robbed Of His I-Pod, And For A Time, His Nerve"

The NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy is the object of endless debate these days. Everybody knows that minority criminality in New York City is the reason for this policy, which has otherwise led to a drastic reduction in crime rates in the Big Apple.

And yet the worthless little weasels of Forty Second Street prefer to publish a man-bites-dog story about a sixteen year old not-yet-criminalized black yooth who gets victimized at the hands of his fellow homies in the Bronx.

From the article, the story of an honor student Bellcurvious victimized by those pesky afflicted inner-city youfs the New York Times seeks so diligently to comfort:

Yes, the Bronx is just like Andy Griffith's 1950s Mayberry whitopia, with no more than fourteen troublemakers. Just harmless kids who need a good talking to. What does it matter that America's inner cities are chock-a-block filled with single mother "households" 100% spawned by and surviving on government assistance?

It matters not a wink, sez the Sulzies and assorted psychos posing as do-gooders at the NYT.

In a sane society, the "newspaper of record" would be writing honestly about how a controversial city-wide stop and frisk policy was actually instrumental in reducing the rate at which young ICBMs murder other Inner City Black Males at an "alarming rate," via the mindless gunplay that is itself largely a result of the celebration of gangsta culture that the New York Times so positively reports on in their Arts Section.

Crime Victim Eric Laboy Feels LIke He Has
"A Target On My Back"  
But ours is not a sane society. And the New York Times is not a newspaper staffed by individuals of an even remotely mentally healthy bent. In fact, any society as committed to "comforting the afflicted" as ours, and as determined to equalizing all outcomes while steadfastly refusing to admit the reality of HBD,  is a society doomed to failure.

Translation: The New York Times is actively pursuing the unravelling of Western Civilization as we know it, through a low-intensity war of attrition policy that consists of :
- 24/7 minority uplift
- rabid attacks on traditional Western institutions and values
- glossing over the reality of the Color Of Crime
- non-stop encouragement of government expansion/intervention
- short-sighted endorsement of (anti-western) globalization
- normalization of the homosexualization of society
- historical revisionism at the expense of Western achievement and identity
- the pedalization of womenz
- the glorification of non-western art-forms
- relentless attacks on watered-down neocon resistance

The Great Late-Twentieth Century Delusion that the wormy little dickweeds at the New York Times work so tirelessly to defend is about to come crashing down all around us.

Will the New York Times ever say : "Oops"?

Answer: doubtful. The coming Untergang is exactly what they have been seeking to achieve.

This cannot possibly end well.

The New York Times: Working Daily To Destroy The West As We Know It Since 1947.

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Unfortunately we must face reality. The slimy sinister evil jews run this country at all levels.