Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Russian Muslim Who Knifed To Death The Danish Air Traffic Controller Responsible For The Summer 2002 Crash Over Lake Constance Between A DHL Cargo Jet And A Plane Full Of Rooskie Kids Gets A Slap On The Wrist ; The NYT Explains Away The Murderous Deed

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For the past few years, summertime seems to coincide with a lot of bizarre, high-profile airplane crashes. I still remember sitting in a sweltering diner in New Orleans reading about the shooting down of an Iranian jetliner by the US Navy in 1988. Then of course there was TWA flight 800, which blew up (somewhat mysteriously) over Long Island in July, 1996. And the list goes on.

That mid-air collision over Germany in the summer of 2002 was strange enough: with all the technology on board and on the ground, how on earth do two planes manage to collide seven miles up?

Turns out that crash was the result of a complex confluence of circumstances: a sub-contracted ATC system in Switzerland, staffed by two Danish nationals, one of whom was sleeping, the other working on equipment handicapped by repairs-in-progress; a Russian crew flying an aging Tupelov jetliner who disregarded instructions from the flight manual, which stated that their onboard radar system was to take precedence over ground ATC commands in the even of a mid-air emergency, etc etc.  Really bad luck, essentially.

But two years after the crash, which resulted in 71 deaths (including over 50 Roosky kids on a UNESCO-financed jaunt to Spain) things got weird: our memory of that summertime mid-air disaster was jogged by the shocking news that there had been a murder in Switzerland involving multiple concerned parties. Soon it became clear that this was some kind of savage revenge killing, a murder motivated by the type of blood lust that is common - even condoned - among certain non-Western groups.

Of course then, and now, the New York Times (and the rest of the Western MSM) utterly failed to report honestly on the "regional" to-not-say-ethnic nature of the Russian's murderous behavior.

In a short article published today, the Times even manages to explain why this Russian murderer, instead of getting sentenced to death for murdering a 38 year-old father of three, was sentenced to only eight years of which he served only two. Apparently where this guy's from, it's a cultural thing. So that's cool.

From the article in question, "Plane Crash Remembered; One Mourner Not Welcomed":

Grinning Russian Knife Murderer Vitaly Kaloyev 

It's bad enough that the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record euphemistically call the Roosky murderer a "mourner,"  it's even worse that their sense of cultural relativity is so pervasive that it is used to pretty much excuse away Kaloyev's deed.

Could it be that the murder victim, a thirtysomething Danish citizen named Peter Nielsen who was married and had three kids, fit the convenient profile of privileged Westerner? And thus that his offing at the hands of a religiously-motivated North Caucuser was due retribution for the crime of being a white, bourgeois, heterosexual European who had (gasp) -  despite all the forces working to prevent him from doing so - founded a family shamefully un-enriched with Diversity?

Hey, it's just a theory.

Here is a 2004 NYT article describing the murder :

"Suspect Kept In Detention In Slaying Of Controller"

From that article :


The New York Times: Blame Shifting Murderous Behaviour Since The Early-Oughts 


Frank said...

I remember that crash, and the killing that followed.

It was too weird for there not to be some ulterior circumstances.

But the two events were spaced so far apart, most people didn't make the connection.

Thanks for nailing it.

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Anonymous said...

He would never have been convicted in US courts. It would have been years before he came to trial and he would have gotten off. Testimony from "experts" as to his mental condition and bleeding hearts would have ensured he would never have even drew a day in jail.