Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bold Front Page Deception From The Mischievous Morality Athletes At The Anti-Majority New York Times

In a post that could otherwise be entitled "Boating Accident Or Cop Shot In Public Housing Project By Government-Funded Pet Project Dweller? The Times Goes With The Former") 

The Devious Diversity Dictators at Amerika's newspaper of record published a large photo above the fold today that shows a white man in a suit taking notes as another white man in casual dress holds his apparently handcuffed hands to his face with either shame or grief. The caption reads: "A Nassau Country detective with Kevin Treanor, whose daughter, 11, died Wednesday in a boat accident on Long Island Sound."

"A Packed Boat, A Celebration, A Deadly Turn"

For a moment, the reader's sense of compassion for this grieving father makes them forget the obvious question: "Why exactly was he arrested? Was he drunk? (BWi) And since when do New York police use day-glo handcuffs?"

Here is the photo in question:

I had to read through the entire article in search of the answer to this question before I got to the end, and the punch line: the man shown in handcuffs on the front page has not been arrested at all, those are not handcuffs on his wrists. So why would the Times publish a photo that clearly leads the reader to assume this guy's been busted?

Answer: the psychotic little weanies at the New York Times don't get a lot of opportunities to depict middle class white people in postures of wickedness. Instead they cover their front page - even on the Fourth of July - with photos of women, minorities and turd worlders to accompany stories that tell of their oppression at the hands of evil white people and evil American government policy (Pakistanis in general and Muslims in particular have been their favorite subjects most recently). Meanwhile all instances of minority criminality in the West are relegated to the back pages when relegated at all. And when they are, we get this:

"Bullet Aimed At An Officer's Heart Is Stopped by His Protective Vest", published on page A18 of today's New York Section, tells the incredible story of a white NYC Housing cop who got shot in the heart but survived thanks to his bulletproof vest. He was patrolling in a 22-story Lower East Side public housing building that is home to Bloomberg's adored and coddled welfare population, an entire sub-section of the city's 8.8 million population who live by, for, and because of government assistance. They are the by-products of the twisted, suicidal policies the Times not only endorses, but makes possible through the abuse of their official rôle of "newspaper of record." 

Doesn't the incredible story of a New York City cop being shot in the heart, and being miraculously saved by his bullet-proof vest, seem a little more newsworthy than a tragic but otherwise relatively routine boating accident story? 

Of course it does. But the evil-minded elite at the Times would rather use the excuse of that terrible sinking to practically photoshop a picture of the white victim - the poor father whose daughter drowned - to make it look like he was somehow the only criminal worth writing about on that day. 

In a sane society, the portrait (composite sketch) of the housing project shooter would be on the front page of the newspaper of record, and the photo of the boating tragedy father would be on the bottom of page 18. 

But the New York Times is not a sane newspaper; its staff are criminally insane reality-reversers. They published a photo of the shot cop (the 9th cop to be shot by minorities, which is to say, the 9th cop to be shot, period, this year in New York), but they didn't bother to release a composite sketch of the shooter, which other news sources released. 

Gee, I wonder why? 

Here's what the shooter looks like, as reported by the New York Post (but not the NYT)  : 

Here's what the shot cop looks like, as reported by the New York Times : 

C'mon Sulzy. C'mon you verminous four-eyed reality contortionists, this is getting ridiculous. Can't you see that your little game is getting really obvious?

The New York Times: All The News Print To Fit, By The Elite And For The Goyim, Since 1991.


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