Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The New York Times, Having Already Influenced Public Policy In Such A Way That There Are Now Entire Cities Filled With Single Mothers, Gives Us An Amazingly Snide Explanation For The Skyrocketing Rates Of Single Motherhood In The USA Today

In this sickening bit of puff from Times communist Jason DeParle, it's almost like the civilization wrecking-ball psychos at Amerika's Newspaper of Record are sneering at their readership, as if to say: we are almost done destroying Western Civilization, let us twist the knife in the wound just a wee bit more.

"Two Classes, Divided By 'I Do'"

Check out the video especially. The disgusting little worms at the Times intentionally make no mention of this obese coal-burning warpig's half-black offspring (like it didn't even matter, hehe); they are using the issue of single motherhood to cast light away from the far more serious and deathly social issue seen in this story, namely the total absence of stigma attached to this white woman's decision to reproduce outside her race (not once but three times!). [Note: I personally know several women like this. They are completely unaware that they are pawns in an epidemic].

Note also the way the married woman in the vid - the warpig's boss at a day care center of all places - sympathizes with the single mother featured, not because she has spawned three half african children that are utterly alien to her gene line, but because she doesn't have a husband. This is presented like a practically heritable affliction. White women and the NYT go arm in arm down the yellow brick road, skipping into the final sunset of Western Civilization.

Here's the video, entitled "Single and Unequal." (sorry can't embed anymore from NYT.com): warning it is very disgusting. Why would the New York Times choose to feature such a repulsive white woman as this Jessica Schairer?

Obese, Single Mother With Three Half-African Children:
A Pawn In An Epidemic 


Anonymous said...

Don't be so mean. I feel sorry for her. You should too.

Anonymous said...

In the Animal kingdom the only things that are worth fighting for are territory and the continuation of your genetic lineage. Male lions fight to the death over whos genes, So why don't white men fight for their genes? Its not so long ago that millions of white men were going over the top and faceing almost certain death to protect their lands and their women and children both of which were intrinsictly theirs. So why not today, what has changed??

Anonymous said...

alot has changed....ads, media, indoctrination that passes for
'education' [I know, I am degreed]

Multi cult etc