Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Blind-To-Real-Crime Wishful Thinkers At The NYT Dig Up The Corpse Of A 92 Year-Old-Black Lady, Who Six Years Ago Was Shot To Death By Atlanta Cops - A Statistical Fluke, An Exceedingly Rare Event - In A Masterpiece Of NWO Misinformation And Reality Reversal Entitled "A Snitch's Dilemma"

From the New York Times Magazine's front page today, behold this trippy propaganda puff piece and the sneaky, sinister anti-white message that oozes from it :

"A Snitch's Dilemma"

This photo was published like a centerfold, on pages 24 and 25 of today's Sunday Mag.
In large letters on the left (page 24) were the words: "A Snitch's Dilemma."
In smaller letters on the right, in the lower right side of page 25, it was written:
 "What do you do when the cops you work for are dirtier than you are?" 

From the article :

The psychopaths of Forty Second Street have stooped to a new low this time with this anti-cop, pro-criminal puff piece. They take the side of this low-life Atlanta criminal dope-dealing ghetto dweller aka Alex White, to the point of it being thoroughly beyond ridiculous, it is downright treasonous and criminal on the part of the pointy-headed competitive compassion athletes at Amerika's  newspaper of record to rehash Kathryn Johnston's death at the hands of Atlanta PD and place it squarely on the shoulders of the besieged officers who struggle daily to contain the Black Undertow in the City Too Busy To Hate.

It's like Life Magazine blaming the Jews for Kristal Nacht. (insert smiley face).

Seriously, do the weanies at the Times really think they can get away with this type of crap much longer? Do they really think that publishing such an article is edgy and cool, and is going to gain them favor with some enlightened class of post-Rodney King intellectuals, i.e. enlightened progressives fully aware of evolving racial tensions living in 2012?  Don't they know that there is still a majority in the USA, and that they (we) really are not inclined to have much sympathy for the criminal underclass who rapes thirty six thousand white womenz every year, and who commits so much shittyness in the inner cities that it feels like there is a low-intensity war going on in our own country?

I mean, talk about mixing up correlation and causation. Amerika's criminal underclass need to be stomped on like cockroaches, and to a large extent this has somewhat been achieved, with the USA caging 2.2 million criminal scumbags behind bars - a world record. Yeah, that's a lot, but just think for a second what crime rates in major metro areas in a post Snivel-Rights Amurrika would be if there were two million Trayvons otherwise loose on the streets.

The four-eyed social justice crusaders at the New York Times are grasping for straws with this piece. They have to go back SIX YEARS to find some instance of white cops gunning down some po po old black lady in da' hood, in a very similar way to how they have to go back six decades to sniff out instances of wickedness in the Catholic Church, or anywhere else where evil whitey has dared rear his ugly, privileged  head.

It feels like a teenage rebellion, the teenager being the four-eyed diversity Kommissars at the Times, and the rebelled-against parent being the patriarchal authority that created and (pretty much) still rules Western Civilization.

Is there a possibility that the evil little eunuchs at the Times will one day awake to the error of their ways? And realize that: No, minority criminality ain't so much the fault of evil whitey, it has more  to do with the forces that make certain civilizations thrive, and others, not so much?

Answer: Unlikely.

Meantime, more nauseating "Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable" reality-reversing  misinformation from "A Snitch's Dilemma":

Exhibit A : "Cops Are Dirty And Dangerous" : 
Exhibit B : The Drug-Dealing Diversity Cockroach Featured In This Feature Had "An Easy Smile"  - aka NYT Code-Speak For: This Scummy Individual Had No Other Redeeming Qualities Apart From The Fact That He Didn't Actually Attack, Rob, Rape, Chew The Face Off Of, Or Beat Down Our Metrosexual Reporter While He Was Being Interviewed For This Article : 
Exhibit C : The Verminous Little Twinks At The New York Times Characterize A Lawful Execution Of A Search Warrant On A Drug-Addled Ghetto-Nest As A "Home Invasion"  :

I encourage you to take a look at the original article, even though it is ten pages long.  Listen to the 911 call that our uprighteous hero Alex White makes to the local dispatcher. Judge for yourself whether this individual really deserves to be hero-ized by a nation's newspaper of record, on the front page of their national magazine, some of the most expensive publishing real estate on Planet Earth. 

In an upside-down world, I suppose such things would not seem so unusual at all. 

The New York Times: Putting The Full Weight Of Their Righteousness Behind The Trayvons, The Omars, And The Alex Whites Of This World Since Nineteen Ninety-Nine. 


Bad Case of the Hebrew Jeebies said...

Nicholas Says :

En effet, the NEw York Times seeks to portray negro criminality in a non-offensive light.

Of COURSE the Times is going to take the golden opportunity of this 2006 shooting of a grand-hoe to the hilt, and try to : play down nigger crime, and (B) play up shenanigans by the anti-nigger white cops to the hilt.

The New York times you may not understand is an organ of world propaganda, founded funded and kept alive by the Joos who want to bring down White Western Civilization no matter what, so that the world's tiny minority of Jews - there's only fourteen million of em for fucks sakes - may be free and unhindered to dictate policy in all white nations.

Those of you who don;t know and understand this are in for some extremely unpleasant awakenings in the very near future,

Such is the way of the Jew; such is the nature of the negro. They kind of go hand in hand together, when it comes to directing the ways of Whitey's world.

So go grab another Pabst Blue Ribbon, turn on your Jew-Toob to the local sports station, continue to worship negro sportsmen, athletes and newscasters - this is exactly what they want, you spongey white goyim.

Have you got a bad case of the Hebrew Jeezies yet?

Not yet eh?

They will come my freund, they will come....

("Steiner vil kommen") .

Anonymous said...

"In an upside-down world, I suppose such things would not seem so unusual at all."

The world is not upside down. It's the rat faced joos and libtards that are upside down.

I don't know if it's mentioned in the article or not but the old woman was known to sell drugs. Live by drugs die by drug enforcement.