Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Denmark: A "Foreign National" Commits Death-By-Tiger At The Copenhagen Zoo(?) (Alternate Title Reads: "When Western Notions Of Morality And Competitive Compassion Meet Turd World Opportunism, The Great (Behavioral) Chasm Is Exposed" )

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Okay, long title, sorry.

But here's the situ: in beautiful Copenhagen - the capital of Europe's most liberal country (and the birthplace of the famous 2005 "Danish cartoons") -  some dude apparently got himself mauled to death by a tiger - on purpose.

When I first saw this story (as not yet reported by the New York Times), some ideas and remembrances leapt to mind:

First: how many of you remember the San Francisco zoo mauling of 2007, in which two young diversities were killed and one was seriously fucked up after sneaking into the USA, then sneaking into the San Fran Zoo, then intentionally taunting a Siberian Tiger until the majestic creature could not take it any more, and made them good? And then was shot and killed by SFPD?

From that SF incident, via Wiki :

The upshot of the San Fran mauling is that: the beautiful tiger was tragically shot to death by cops, and the diversities wound up costing the city of SF millions of dollars after some scummy lawyer  sued the city on their behalf, even though they were verminous.

So now we have possibly a similar situation in Copenhagen: an as-yet unidentified "foreign national" gets himself chomped to bits by a stunningly rare and beautiful creature - a Siberian tiger.

The Third World has swelled in number since the end of WOrld War Two, to the point that like a Petri dish it is bursting at the seems with Western-created humanity. Make no mistake: if the world is overpopulated today, it is the white man's fault, for it was he who developed the technology to keep so many fucking humans alive, to incentivize their burf in the first place.

Crazy white-boy concepts of environmental pureness meet head-on crazy dumb-fuck white-boy concepts of animal rights, while totally ignoring the looming human overpopulation menace, that is basically how this situ in Copenhagen is summed up.

In Africa, there are one billion hominids, but only about 50,000 higher primates left (apes, chimps, orangatons, bonobos etc). The same and quite literally pure and noble savages that the Discovery Channel will spend millions of dollars attempting to capture on film in the wild.

Too many people - especially the Wrong Kind of people, i.e. exactly those that the liberal establishment and the New York Times seek not just to comfort, but in fact to create - are Bad News for the last remaining great wildlife on this planet. One billion Africans but only sixty thousand mountain gorillas? What is wrong with this picture?

The New York Times: Rooting For The Wrong Kind Of Primate Since 1965.


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