Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 19, 2011

Xenophobic Campaign Posters from Switzerland's Leading Political Party, The UDC Or "People's Party"

Much to the displeasure of the sinister elitists at the New York Times, right-minded rightist political parties throughout Europe have been making serious gains throughout the Old Continent of late. From Finland to Italy to France to the Low Countries, the proles are starting to wake up to what thirty years of ultraliberal self-flagellation has made of their ancestral lands, especially in terms of the insane demographic shake-ups that have transformed many city-centres into Londanistans

The poor Germans, meanwhile, though arguably the natural would-be leaders of any "United (against a Third-World Metamorphosis) Europe," are forbidden from showing even an inkling of nationalistic self-concept, and thus have no fun new right-wing parties to talk about. 

As we already know, the global Population-Replacement Program (GPRP - let's go ahead and give it an official acronym) applies only to those nations outlined in blue in the previous COTT post regarding Google Street View. Namely: Western nations. Namely: nations still shamefully lacking in proscribed quantities of diversity. Namely: nations with just too darn many white people in em' (for now). 

In Switzerland, the UDC or "People's' Party" is the most popular political organization in that land of fifty-thousand dollar chronographs and ancient traditions of benevolent isolationism. 

The UDC of course came to the attention of the verminous reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record about four years ago, when crime rates in Geneva were going through the roof, and the traditionally soft Swiss people were awakening to the alarming fact that the near-majority of crime (especially violent) was committed by extra-Swiss. (Go to the Geneva police department's official web site, and read up on who is committing all the crime here) (it's in French but a simple Google translate click will soon make it clear that the spelling of Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria differ by only a few letters from the francophone counterparts). 

Of course, when it comes to Europeans standing up to the GPRP locomotive, the New York Times and its ilk have only words of sneering derision. 

Case in point, from 2007, on the leader of Switzerland's UDC, Christoph Blocher : 

from the article : 

Oo la la. So without further ado, some of the UDC's and Mister Blocher's most recent posters : 

And a curious photo of the UDC's leader, 
the despised (by the NYT) big-pharmo industrialist
 Christophe Blocher : 

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kev said...

in the 1990s LePen almost got in...
LA Times was horrified!!!!
that the peoples will might go against the decree of the elites.

kinda like time/newsweek calling
Pat..the loose buchanan