Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Wishful Thinking From The Psychopaths Of 42nd Street: From Feared Felon to Fabulous Bold-Faced Ghetto Hero, The Reality Contortionists At America's Newspaper Of Record Bring Us Antonio Lagarde, Murdering Crack-Head Gangstah Turned Fabulous Fuzzy Teddy Bear Social Experiment Triumph

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Here we go again: right there on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record, the reliable and ever-predictable diversity enforcers of 42nd Street who gave us Barack Obama, give us today a fabulous tale of blame-the-victim minority uplift entitled "After Drugs And Dark Times, Helping Others To Stand Back Up," penned with the most sinister and occult back-room intentions by Times communist Benedict Carey. Am I being cynical here and making up this Times reporter's name?

Answer: no I am not.

Even though mind-numbing stories of ghetto depravity have been oozing off the pages of New York City's tabloids this week, "Helping Others To Stand Back Up" was nevertheless published as a stunningly dishonest attempt to deny the reality of that city's Color of Crime, a masterfully-crafted and near-perfect inversion of reality brought to you by the wishful-thinking policy diktators in charge of moulding public opinion at the New York Times.

Benedict A. Carey's puff-piece you see, is a feel-good story about a "reformed" career ghetto criminal named Antonio Lambert - featured with Mapplethorpe-style prominence right there on the paper's illustrious front page - who manages to "turn his life around" by (heroically, of course) resolving to stop robbing and killing others, and by evolving from his role as a net drain on society in the form of a perpetually incarcerated felon, into evolving into his (new and improved) role as a net drain on society in the form of a formerly incarcerated violent felon advising past and future felons on how best to escape the allure of drug addiction, criminality, and being a net drain on society. (I know).  


From the article :

You'll note the way the New York Times treats utter congenital stupidity as a "mood disorder," and addiction to crack as a "mental health issue." Ah, the double speak truly knows no bounds in 2011.

Among the other sad but laughably obvious shortcomings in their description of this criminal POS's supposed transformation from ghetto monster to poster child of reformability, the Times fails to place sufficient emphasis on the simple, obvious, biological fact of this "ex-criminal" Lambert's age: namely, 42 years old. After a certain number of years behaving like an angry ape, even the dumbest, hardest, cruelest ghetto gangstahs go through a male version of menopause, wherein testosterone levels drop and along with them ancestral, millennial caveman aggressiveness.

In other words: this gangsta' stopped being gangsta because his balls dried up and his pubes turned grey, NOT because as they would like you to believe he became enlightened while reading the New York Times or by benefitting from Mark Zuckenberg's 100 million dollar gift to uplifting his cousins in Newark.

The same combination of borderline-retard, low-intelligence + high self-concept mental cocktail that leads to higher natural incidences of criminality in the first place, fades over time as the virile inner chimp of the ICBM (Inner City Black Male) itself ages out of the core criminal demographic - this is what has apparently happened to Mister Lambert.

But the verminous little weasels at the NYT want you to believe that Antonio Lambert's decision to stop a life of crime and depravity resulted from the whisperings of some glorious inner angel. One can just imagine the skinny white Times reporters in fashionable eyewear shimmering with awe and admiration as they crafted this description of our beloved bad-boy from the hood:
Just imagine the way the bullied little white boys who write for the NYT deep down get a woody when thinking about the sheer animal dominance of such a creature. Why else would they report it that way?

Answer: because they are envious ofthis noble savage, this blank slate who holds the shining promise of betterment through NYT-led social engineering.

But then, Antonio "turned his life around."

To the bespectacled uni-testicled elites at Amerika's newspaper of record, such momentous achievements (NOT behaving like a murderous felon) are worthy of Nobel-Prize style praise and five-star medals of valor, whenever they are perpetrated by members of the Times' coddled and beloved pet protected groups.

Somehow, the verminous little weasels at the New York Times fail to see the hypocrisy of their competitive-compassion and their paternalistic double standards when they are put into print for all to see.

A New York Times Hero: Past And Future 
Ghetto Terrorist Antonio Lambert (from today's front page) 

While the do-gooder one-worlders at the New York Times were parading their front-page prodigy around, showing the world how far the ghetto has evolved from the proverbial Stone Age, some rather more significant human events stories were making the rounds in the Big Apple:

"No Bail For Man Accused Of Burning Woman Alive"

HOW IT IS: Jerome Isaac : The Face of Crime in NYC 

HOW IT IS: Lamont Pride, Failed Mutation of Nature 
Who Shot 47 Year-Old NYPD Officer Peter Figoski in the Face. 
The Dead Cop is the Father of Four Girls, Two In College. 

HOW IT IS: The Brooklyn Criminal Judge Evelyn Laporte, 
Who Let Cop Killer Lamond Pride Walk, Despite His Warrant From NC. 
The attached article by Times communist Jim Dwyer explains why it's racist to 
blame this judge for letting Mister Pride walk. 

HOW IT IS: Dead Cop Peter Figoski, 
Killed By Career Vermin Lamont Pride. 


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the NYT and blacks they are all together in trying to destroy White society.

rjp said...

Do not in anyway think the agression is gone from this "dual dianosis" ape, Antonio Lambert. He found himself a shakedown and he will do pretty good at telling his story for a a while to other dual diagnoses ..... fucking getting paid to tell your story is utter bullshit but that's the rehabilitation system. Anyways, sooner or later, with a pocketful of the white man's confiscated earnings, the crack pipe temptation will return and this nigger will fall lower than before and will go back to the life he deserves to be living, in prison.

Don't ever make the mistake to think that a nigger's aggression has subsided or that one is rehabilitated. That could be a fatal mistake.

Anonymous said...

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