Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Is Rather Amazing: A Moroccan Named "Nordine Amrani" Uses Grenades And An AK-47 To Kill Five People in Liège, Belgium Today; While In Florence, Italy, A So-Called "Right-Wing Extremist" Kills Two African Illegal Immigrant Trinket Peddlers From Senegal Before Committing Suicide: French National TV "TF1" Uses The Latter Killing To Re-Hash Images of Anders Breivik And Other White Male European Killers, Without Ever Talking About The North-African Origins Of The Liege Killer

If you thought the anti-majority population-replacement propaganda was bad here in the USA, and at the New York Times - Amerika's Newspaper Of Record - in particular, take heart : it is even worse (a lot worse) in the Old Continent.

Things are boiling to a head in the land of our orthodontistically and hygienically-challenged (but otherwise lovable¡!) ancestors: Whilst on the one hand we have Youtube Starlette and political prisoner Emma West locked up for the holidays because she let loose an anti-invasion tirade on a Croydon tramway -  even though the four girls from Somalia who curb-stomped a white girl in London while screaming "Kill the white slag!"  were let go days later by a spineless London magistrate for reasons that he will likely come to regret (since the laddesses were Somali muslims and drunk, and since alcohol is fobidden among the practitioners of the religion of peace, goes the hair-brained reasoning of this despicable dhimmified judge, the girls in his opinion were not subject to the five years prison time for assault that the law otherwise proscribed), on the other hand we have a cultural enricher named Nordine Amrani, no doubt of Moroccan descent - as in Born There  (if any of my own personal dealings with folks named "Amrani" mean anything) -  killing innocent Belgian teenagers and old women on the town square with grenades and AK47-fire in wonderful Liège, Belgium.

What's interesting about Nordine's rampage for me, is the way that it was reported on the French nightly news, on TF1, the Dan Rather of French news. Keep in mind that TF1 is the only privately-owned network on the French airways.

Check out the coverage of Nordine's rampage yourself, from tonight's TF1 evening news :


In France the nightly news lasts about 50 minutes, without commercials (that's cool of them). But what they offer in commercial-free coolness, they make up for in blatant leftist, and now dhimmified blindsiding. Here's what I mean:

In addition to the deadly attack in Liege today, there was another violent, "random" attack in Florence Italy, where an unhinged white dude shot up and killed at least two illegal immigrant Senegalaise trinket merchants in the town square of that glorious city.

Here's where it gets interesting: if you watch the TF1 coverage of the carnage, in both cities, ninety-five  percent of the video footage features white European males, with a disproportionate amount of screen time devoted to the blond-haired blue-eyed face of the Left's poster-boy for right-wing extremism, Ander Breivik.

I know, right?

Two months back, TF1 is the same channel that offered disgraced Dominque Strauss Kahn a live platform on which to offer the nation that he was likely to win the presidency of an apology for getting sucked off by a mud-hut Guinean asylum cheat maid/hooker in the Sofitel Hotel in the Manhattan. That interview was noteworthy by DSK's closing remarks, when despite globe-stopping charges against him, he felt it necessary to prove his relevance - DSK knows best, after all, right? -  by pontificating about what he was sure Europe needed in the midst of the euro crisis ("more Europe") and in the midst of the country's unemployment and confidence crisis ("more immigration"). It was a shocking sight to behold, that this disgraced frollicking Israelite globalist elitist, with a libido so out of control that he could not even resist the urge to face-copulate with a Stone-Age potato-nose butt-ugly enough to stop a clock and possibly set back horlogery by fifty thousand years ... what was most intriguing about this disgusting interview was that TF1 was complicit in it in the first place.

But then, after today's events, and TF1 totally deflecting attention away from what is really happening and who the real villains are, I suppose it's not so surprising after all.

It will be interesting to see in the coming 72 hours how the New York Times - my favorite object of ridicule - talks about the Liège and Florence killings.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Italy. I searched the web to find Mr. Amrani origin, but I found no news site reporting this information, only your post and a few other suggesting that man was a muslim from Morocco, the thinh I suspected from the first time. Of course TV reports omitted this info, they only say he was "a belgian".
Tragicomic was the statement from the belgian Crisis Unit: it was not a terrorist attack. If killing people this way (I cannot stop thinking about the poor infant who was slained) is not terrorism, what is terrorism?
Dhimmitude is galloping in Europe.

Anonymous said...

He was born in Ixelles, a suburb of inner Brussels. He is only of Moroccan origin, but he is "Belgian" not Moroccan.

rjp said...

Great post. Love the description of the maidwhore.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous.

Belgians are not of Moroccan ancestry. So he can't be Belgian.

Anonymous said...

TF1 is controlled by Martin Bouygues (look him up). He doesnt seem to be jewish (family history seems almost unavailable in english) but he has lots of political/business allies who are. Neo-cons to a man.

Enough said.

kev said...

you heard about dearborn mich starting to ban chritianity?

I posted at kunstler.com
dearborns 30% muslimz