Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Dunning-Kruger Equation, Childless Middle-Age White Women, And The Dark And Sinister Role Played By The New York Times In The Destruction of Western Civilization

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Better bloggers out there will take issue with my pedestrian and circumventional approach to this post. But (spoken with Mexican accent), I ask you neverzeeless :

How many of you were paying attention last week, when a 41 year-old quasi-spinster (i.e.: childless) named Suzanne Hart with a make-work diversity quota job for advertising giant Young and Rubicam was crushed to death in the elevator of her firm's 85-year-old Madison Avenue office building?

You can read about her tragic demise here.

It was a freak accident to be sure - after all, how do you get crushed to death by an effing elevator, between the first and second floors, when all you have to do is jump out of the way of the ascending or descending elevator doors? Do they not show Mission Implausible on cable in New York City?

Could high heels have been a factor? Was she updating her Facebook profile? I mean come one! Pay attention FFS!

Certainly, and sadly, when dragged to her squishy demise, Miss Hart was not tending heroically to her infant twins in the stroller when the Elevator Doors From Hell dispatched her to the unchilded White People Resting Place in the Sky (29th floor). And of course I don't blame the lady for her Bad Elevator Moment (BEM).

Here's my point though: there is something extraordinarily anti-natural, creepy even, about a healthy 41 year-old white woman who pursues a career developing web sites designed to sell Proctor and Gamble soap products, instead of  pursuing a career doing what millennia of Western Civilization and Nature itself has programmed her to do best, namely: creating and nurturing future generations of little creatures that resemble her, so that they too can pursue, for good or for naught, whatever it is that future civilization holds in store for all of our future brethren (God help em').

The New York Times reported gleefully on this poor dead woman's career path and how she rose through the ranks of lilly-white, patriarchal Madison Avenue; the fact that at 41 she had failed in her biological and ultimate calling, was cast by the sinister civilization-nukers of 42nd Street as nothing less than a badge of honor.

But we digress. And from the start. And on purpose. (You'll see like a puzzle it's all kinked). (Linked).

Today, on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record, the New York Times gives another sob-fest of a feature story entitled "Illegal Immigrant's Transplant, Cheaper Over Life, Isn't Covered," penned again with dark and sinister intent by Times communist Nina Bernstein.

Bersntein's puff piece is the story of an illegal immigrant Mexican busboy named "Angel" who, along with about 32 members of his Amerindian fambly living in their "cramped but tidy" Brooklyn apartment, bring glorious diversity and snappy deli service to an otherwise bland and morbid New York City. The problem, though, is that "Angel" has chronic health problems, and needs costly dialysis treatment three times a week, and his doctors say that what he really needs is a kidney transplant, which would cost 100k in the US, or 40k in his magnificent and unfairly maligned homeland of Mexico.

From the article :

Now, even though by law American hospitals are required to provide dialysis treatment to anyone who needs it, regardless of immigration status, this is not good enough for the do-gooder altruism athletes at the New York Times. They want the American taxpayer to stand up and do the right thing, namely: pay for Pedro's kidney transplant (even though it would cost half as much in his native Mexico, and be shouldered by taxpayers there, not here).

When will the competitive compassion athletes at the New York Times figure out that life is not fair, and that the Western World - even if it wanted to - could never through wealth redistribution cure all the ills of the planet's seven billion humans?, the vast majority of whom are a  stupid, surly lot? (I've lived in Africa - nothing personal, but Hey!).

Look, I have nothing personal against Sen├Ár Angel either. I'm sure I would leave him a hearty tip if he were bussing my table after a breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits. But the fact is that there are thousands of millions more like him, many with with failing kidneys, the world over. Must the United States really commit to spending billions of dollars in medical care over the lifetimes of these foreigners who are only allowed to reside in the United States because of insane political laxism in the first place? I mean, Pedro - ahem, Angel - is a fucking illegal immigrant for fucks sakes! That means he's a fucking criminal! And WE have to take care of him FOR LIFE, when the Mexican government could do it just as well, and for HALF OFF !

Sorry folks. Excuse my Spanish. But come'on: this stuff is just getting more insane by the day. How can the elitist little weasels at the New York Times not see that there are a scary number of people who read blogs like this one, who know what is going on, and who are aware of and who resist the Great Undertow?

More from the Times' "let's save the illegal Mexican" article :

The New York Times is a sinister institution with a dark and evil agenda  that runs a lot deeper than most people realize. The sneering, hateful Illuminati Elite that guide the Times through the turgid and troubled waters of modern human civilization are determined to create more Suzanne Harts, and when they can't kill them outright (no, I'm not saying the NYT was behind that elevator malfunction), make them irrelevant by tricking them into hating their own kind so much that they refuse - as Hart did - to perpetuate their own line of kin.

Make no mistake:  Amerika's newspaper of record is not a sensible news-reporting organization in any sense of the word. It is a highly sophisticated NWO propaganda machine designed to squash the native European populations of ALL first world countries, and help steamroll over the existing First World-dominated order of things so that the "afflicted" can truly be comfortable, and the "comfortable" truly afflicted.

Readers of this blog: you are the "comfortable," in the eyes of the Times. Class warfare is what is at stake here, and these are the front lines.

More from the article :

Angel With A Fambly Member
BONUS: From the readers' comments to this NYT article (there were close to 600 as of 2am, Thursday 22 December, 2011). These are the words of Those Who Do Not See, and as COTT readers WILL see, they are the vast majority of Times commenters. 


Anonymous said...

So where's the part about Dunning-Kruger, which is a theory that I see at play all around me, namely: I'm surrounded by stupid people who are too stupid to even realize how stupid they are.

So I like that theory, and was hoping you would expound upon it.

Don't we see it everyday in our lives: stupid people too dim-witted to understand (A) that they are stupid and (B) that their natural rank in life is BELOW smarter people, of whose ranks they definitely do not belong.

I see it all the time. It's a revelation. I was hoping you'd talk about it.

Great blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

There's no way that elevator death was an accident.

Too strange !

I say Pedro did it !

Anonymous said...

What these stupid illegals can't get through their primitive heads is we whites are tired of paying for illegals with our white tax money.

Go back to your stupid backward countries and try to make them better. We don't want you here. We don't need you here. Goodbye, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

PS Don't forget to take your weak kidneys with you.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Someone recentlly pointed out to me the parallels between Diversity worship and Cristianity, both of which empathize noble self sacrifice and brotherly love.

Empathy on steroids.

This behavioural trait that was once benifical to European society is now being manipulated to have a detrimental effect.


kev said...

pleeze meester..check the LA Times
cartoon on those who ifght against our dreem act, gracias

kev said...

Blog owner, do check thees!

Icons of the anti-Dream movement [Ted Rall cartoon] - latimes.com
2 days ago – ... the California Dream Act, which allows children of undocumented immigrants to apply for college financial aid. Here's cartoonist Ted Rall's take

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