Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, December 10, 2011

On The Western-Engineered African Population Explosion (back to regular posting soon)

(comment to altright.com) :

Dear Richard : 

Two things : 

1) Next time you put out a podcast, please spend 30 bucks for a microphone and get the audio right, as in: pls make it a little better. 

Your promo window for Radix is intriguing and I want to see you succeed. Getting the audio right is not that hard to do, and showing your commitment to doing this professionally, would make a big difference in the overall appeal of your message; 

2) I would like to see a lot more references on this site (and indeed, in all of the alt-right blogosphere) made to such things as cargo cults, the vast amount of race-realist science that was accomplished in the early part of the 20th century, and the total refutation of  HBD by such establishment-approved HBD-deniers as Jared Diamond and Stephen J. Gould, whose time came (and went, thankfully) right around the Sixties. Hail the Internet, for waking up a lot of shmucks like myself to what otherwise we might never have read about or even been made aware of in the age when print versions of this nation's "Newspaper of Record" consist of the criminal, disgusting, lying New York Times. 

Here's the deal as I see it: forty years before Uncle A. went too far and screwed up a perfectly sensible agenda, i.e. the desire to prevent Nordic Man from going through another Fall Of Rome, by putting a stop to the out-of-control pendulum swing that was destroying Western world predominance through nefarious influences such as communism, entarte kunst, minority control over the white western banking and political systems and semitic ethno-solidarity, our ancestors in the West were rather reasonably wondering long and hard about Why the West Prevailed. Before they understood the natural hierarchy of humanity, before they could make sense of why every achievement in the building of civilization to that point was attributable to a white male named Edison, or Euclid, or Shakespeare or Plato for that matter, they were asking honest, sincere, and somewhat clueless questions about the Hottentont Venus and why she and her kind had such  monstrously large posteriors ("steatopygia" tiny.cc/bi1rl), and why they were living in dung-covered huts, sans the wheel, when the white man showed up from Portugal in the 1400s to rescue them from the Stone Age. 

These were not questions designed to disparage or humiliate non-whites: at the time, they were honest questions whose purpose was to answer the age-old question of: Why the West Prevailed. 

Here's my point (because I know this gets complicated fast) : whenever I see yet another news report about the minority achievement gap in academics, whenever I read yet another article in the NYT about the discipline gap, or the this or that gap, my first thought is the  graphic images that emerged from the race-realism literature of the late 19th-century. 

More specifically, when reading about African American pathologies, my first thought is of  19th-century anthropological studies (from among others the now-vindicated George Samuel Morton) that depict a white skull, next to a negro skull, next to a gorilla skull, and the corresponding variances in prognathousness and degrees of slope of skull. (These  numbers align with scary predictability to differences in white-black test scores). 

I'm not saying this to be a dick: in the same way that pre-PC Morton poured beans into the skulls of dead europeans, Africans, and ourangatans to measure variance in cranial capacity of different races, and noted significant variances in brain size among the races, I'm saying it in an exercise of pure and unadulterated race-realism. 

The fact is that there is solid, irrefutable evidence of  differences in group behaviour based on biology, this evidence has been systematically since WW2 stamped out in the name of the insane and illogical ideology that governs all things Western, i.e. universal egalitarianism, and this really is at the heart of our race-realism debate. 

Tonight I had a scary encounter with two young ICBMs (inter-city black male). Upon closer inspection, I realized that this specimen of humanity had a skull shape markedly different from my cousins and cousines. Where in our family, most of the men tend to have a double chin, this negro and his scary-looking partner had a remarkably different skull shape. Namely: most ghetto blacks that I see here in New Orleans have a tip of the chin that is most often BELOW the point on the neck where chin meets head. 

In white guys, the tip of the chin is normally ABOVE the point where the skin of the jaw meets the neck. 

What is my point? 

Answer: these obvious morphological differences used to be taken for granted, in the heyday of so-called "scientific racism" of the early part of the century. 

This early "scientific racism" was based on strict observation and common sense; in a way it predated the insane and illogical egalitarianist mantra to come. That mantra would probably have come even without the lightning-fast Crazy-Glue ideology-maker of the fratricide wars of World War Two. 

Nordic man, who is responsible for every innovation of note, every kilometer of roadway, every gleam of electron-controlled electricity, every ticking watch the world over, is under siege. The world is on the precipice of a terrible return to the Dark Ages. It is blogs such as this that bear the responsibility of telling the world what really is happening. 

Consider our ancestors in the Roman Empire: Euclid predicted in 300 BC a solar eclipse with fantastic accuracy. One thousand years later, the wealthiest and most powerful members of the European Elite were insisting the planet was flat. 

Race Realism today is a repeat of the "world is flat" paradigm. Negroes the planet over - though while on average they are only 17% white in the USA - continue to be a dangerous plague upon Nordic Man's achievements, not because of their innate ability as a group  for violence and destruction, but because their competitive-compassionate white enablers continue to do everything in their power to increase their numbers and influence. Africa hit one billion in 2010. One billion. If for some reason Nordic Man had never shown up on the Dark Continent, and had never been able to send trillions of dollars in food aid and other assistance, it is likely that the population of Africa in 2010 would not be much different from what it was in 1400 AD: NAMELY : about 40 million for the ENTIRE CONTINENT. 

Thanks gullible white people: you've increased the population of a continent of human cockroaches by 2000% !  

Let's see more talk on alternativeright.com about cargo cults, non-white morphology, and the parallels to be drawn between the fall of Rome and the upcoming Fall of the West. 


- Arturo de Gheaube 



Anonymous said...

I think that one thing that often gets overlooked and really needs to be hammered home in this debate, is the way White innovation is responsible not only for every aspect of modern society the world over today, but also and most tragically white meddling is responsible for the current demographics of the planet (whites on the way out, non-whites exploding in numbers, especially africans).

In other words: because of white western innovation, scientific/technological accomplishment and intervention (meddling with the destinies of other races), starting with the discovery by the Portuguese of the highly evolved primates of sub-saharan Africa (in evolutionary terms, a creature midway between white european and gorilla, as borne out by the corresponding facial angle of the three: white = 100 degrees; pure negro = 75 degrees [the American mullatosized negro is on average 18% white European] ; orangutan = 50 degrees)... because of white meddling, the population of the planet today is over seven billion.

The population of the dark continent alone hit the one billion mark in 2010. Speaking of the Dark Continent: remember Live Aid? The Bob Geldof White Guilt Fest designed to pour even more money and food aid into a starving Ethiopia in 1985? Guess what happened in that God-forsaken shithole of a nation: its population has skyrocketed to over 90 million, from 25 mill when Geldof and Co. first intervened. (See: CIA factbook).

Here's the take-home message: without misguided White Western notions of morality and helping the underdog, the population of Africa today would be 2000% less than what it is now. Without White Western food aid, the majority of Africa's borderline-retard population would not even exist.

The White man created all these little Africans, make no mistake.

The White man did this. If they should feel guilty about anything, they should feel guilty about creating an unsustainable world demographic of low-IQ consumers based on misguided feelings of "helping the underdog," or as the New York Times likes to say: "Afflicting the comfortable, and comforting the afflicted."

Make no mistake: the biggest danger to Modern Man today, is not radical Islam (though that IS a problem); it's not nuclear annihilation (the Iranian's just don't have the brainpower to pose a real nuclear threat); it's not Global Warming (a Marxist sham to further wealth redistribution from rich white nations to backwards non-white nations); hell, it's not even Death By Asteroid: it's overpopulation, specifically of the half-ape Stone Age people of Sub-Saharan Africa, who make no mistake will be migrating North to a neighbourhood near you soon, aided and abetted by the dangerous, Disingenuous White LIberals who do their bidding.

It's going to get ugly people, probably sooner than you realize.

Whites are down to less than 8% of global population (down from nearly one-THIRD in 1950!).

The forces that brought this scary state of affairs about, truly represent the dark and sinister agenda that is the biggest danger the world has faced since the fall of Rome.

Talk about the mother of all conspiracy theories!

I think "Culture of Critique" has a lot to do with it, but I'm not sure. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that the smartest people in the world could be so God-dang evil, essentially engineering our disappearance through the snivel rights movement (guess who founded the NAACP?), anti-racism, multiculturalism, mass-immigration, etc etc etc.

Mais bon....

Anonymous said...

Ideally in the white world of the future there will very strict controls on technology transfer to non-whites - and very strict punishments for breaking those rules.

KEV said...

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