Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, December 2, 2011

(More) Honor Killing in Afghanistan: When The Reality of Stone-Age Islamic Barbarity Smashes Head-On Into The Soft Ideology Of The NYT's Beloved Modern Secular Humanism, Chaos And Hypocrisy Ensue

It is sad but somewhat hilarious, really, to behold the "Post-Western" diversity fanatics at the New York Times trying to compute when the Stone-Age barbarity of the modern Islamic World makes a mockery of their ideals of their cherished notions of universal egalitarianism, especially in the ways that the followers of Mohamed (who at age 54 consummated his marriage to his nine-year-old bride Aisha - how sick is that?) insist on treating their tent-headed womenz.

With a well-deserved smirk, we can just imagine the migraine-inducing disorientation that must result in the square-shaped minds of Times do-gooders when the round-shaped reality of Islamic disdain for women comes into play.

Such is the case in a confused and heart-wrenching pro-pedo propaganda puff piece published on the front page today of the national edition of Amerika's newspaper of record  entitled "For Afghan Women, Justice Runs Into Unforgiving Wall Of Custom," by Times communist Alissa J. Rubin (email her here).

A.J. Rubin writes about the tragic but-all-too-common (in Momo-land) case of a 19-year-old Afghan woman mono-named "Gulnaz", who after being raped by a fellow practitioner of the Religion of Peace, was imprisoned in accordance with the Sharia Law of that wonderful country, a decision upheld by the highest legal authority of a failed Stone-Age nation-state. Even the White-House financed, wined-and-dined Afghan president Momo Karzai (whom the NYT loves) backed  his "country's" highest court's decision to impose the Dark-Ages Sharia verdict on the young victim.

From the article:
"Ground down by the Afghan justice system"?! Umm, Times-speak people: that's just kind of how it works in the land of Muhamed. Ya Dig?

This is HBD-denialism on an epic scale: as the Western world crumbles financially under the weight of misguided do-gooderism (CRA {Community Reinvestment Act}, housing equality, billions to Africa for AIDS {PEPFAR}, IMF, World Bank etc.), the scoundrels at the New York Times are confronted daily with the consequences of their own crimes of misinformation. When they say such nonsense as "lives ground down by... the Afghan justice system," they are purposely ignoring the reality of human bio-diversity, logical group differences in achievement and moral orientation, and historical societal evolution.

It's not a lopsided justice system you idiots and you know it! It's the morality that is physically hard-wired into the (physically different) brains of millions of non-Western humanoids whose actions are the direct result of thousands upon tens of thousands of years of evolution in a unique climate distinct from Western and Northern Europe.

The pointy-headed reality fugitives at the New York Times are pretending to have never read Kipling, and to be conveniently and cynically unaware of his axiomatic "Never the Twain Shall Meet."

Why are the Times on such a suicidal mission to destroy the West?

Could it be the ethos of "comfort the afflicted" run amok? (answer: "YES")


But we digress. Back to the article :

Again pointy-headed New York Times One Worlders: It's NOT about "cultural practices," it's about evolution. Tens of thousands of years of it. We're pretty sure you know this, but at the same time we're pretty sure that your worldview for the last 150 years has been so sadistically and so irrationally devoted to the good-natured and polite but lopsided myth of universal egalitarianism, that you're not going to back down now, despite the reams of evidence that disprove your feel-good worldview. 

Many cynical people (not us) think that the answer resides in "The Culture of Critique." I'm not so sure. But anything, anything is better than a NYT explanation. 

Meanwhile, the savages of this world will continue to stone their women and rape their sons, and the New York Times will be Cool With That, as long as their mission to prove their competitive compassion is not exposed for what it really is: a truly egotistical agenda. 

The New York Times: Feeling Better About Themselves By Claiming That All Things Are Relative Since 1956. 


Anonymous said...

I think that in 1956 the NYT was a lot more race-realist; you might be wrong to say that (i.e.: to put that date so early in the century).

If you look at archives from the NYT, you see that they were most realistic about the problem of negro criminality, for example, as far ago as the early 1900s.

Here's a tiny - TINY - example :




Yer Welcome !

Anonymous said...

The New YOrk Times has not Always been as disgusting as you make it out to be.

At one point, they were more reasonable.

Probably their crazed "we are the world" "it takes a village" worldview started more like in the mid to late-80s, I would say.

Remember: the NYT used to report quite honestly about HBD. This only starter to change recently, even though the whole "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" phenom dates back to two years after the passage of the Civil rights Act.

It could be argued that THAT was the beginning of the end, that 1965 Act (and the immigration act of the year before, which Teddy Kennedy promised us all, who have no impact on the demographic make-up of this country. Lying fucking devious Cape-Cod yachty yachty traitour scum.

Anonymous said...

It's not called the Jew York Times for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Hilarious. You are awesome! All the best, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

COTT Blog,,,
ccheck maureen dowds latest:
just popped up on my screen............

Dickensian remarks he’d made recently at Harvard, where he said “it is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods, entrapping children in child laws which are truly stupid,” adding that 9-year-olds could work as school janitors.

“Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works,” he asserted in an ignorant barrage of stereotypes in Des Moines. “So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday.”

Has he not heard of the working poor? The problem isn’t that these kids aren’t working; it’s that they don’t have time with their parents, who often toil day and night, at more than one job, and earn next to nothing.

Newt’s the kind of person whom child labor laws were created to curb. He sounds like a benign despot with a colonial subtext: Until I bring you the benefits of civilization, we will regard you as savages.

He’s Belgium. The poor are Congo.

rjp said...

So if I be come a Muslim, rape some Muslim girl (one with hot eyes), then I get a wife? Sign me up ....