Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Untouchables From India Rise Up Thanks To Western Technology, And The New York Times Wants You To Know: They Are Better Than You (So F.O.)

I haven't put my finger yet on where exactly the Illuminati Elite  Competitive Compassion Athletes at the New York Times are trying to lead the world, but the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd Street are making my quest a little easier every day.

The sick propaganda that spews forth from the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record is founded in a NWO universalist ideal, wherein the utopias that previous global ideologies failed to produce are supplanted by a belief system based on the twisted conviction that the sheer moral superiority of "comforting the afflicted" will be enough to succeed where communism, fascism and capitalism failed.

Such a feel-good philosophy cannot exist without a total disregard for human nature and natural differences in group temperament, of course, but that's nothing but a measly concept that the Know-It-Alls at the NYT sneer at with utter contempt.

The New York Times know what is best for humanity, and that is why for the last decade their front page has been plastered daily with images of the Third World a-rising. Practically the ONLY time the NYT publishes a photo of a European male on its front page, is when that despised, privileged, overachieving member of humanity is either dead, a convicted pedophile, or George Bush. Think I'm making this up? Go back and look for yourself through the 400-plus New York Times front pages archived right here on this blog.

Today is no exception to this insidious rule: right there on the front page we have New York Times plus-size communist Lydia Polgreen giving us a wonderfully enriching anti-classist propaganda puff piece entitled "Scaling Caste Walls With Capitalism's Ladders in India" (online it's entitled: "India's Boom Creates Openings For Untouchables").

Polgreen's front-page screamer is the story of an Indian untouchable, Ashok Khade, who overcame that stinky nation's thousand-year-old caste system to dig himself out of the dung heap of his native "Dalits" village, to build a mechanical engineering company that today employes thousands.

Of course, lost upon poor Polgreen and her largish-but-not-in-a-good-way-cleavage in this story, is the fact that the ultimate uplift for this dot-head cow-worshipping villager, came not from his own praiseworthy ability to master advanced calculous, but rather Western mastery and development of the scientific disciplines that wound up making him rich.

In other words: were it not for British colonization generally of Dark-Ages India (did they have the wheel when we showed up? - we know for sure that the Africans in 1400 did not, nor did the noble Indians of North America [question for another day]), and Western predominance in all things modern specifically, this Untouchable would not be driving a Beemer today, he'd be driving a donkey that he'd probably be related to, and possibly seeing on the side.

From the article :
I know, that last bit (about the donkey) might sound a little harsh. Don't get me wrong: I love Indians. An Indian doctor saved my brother's life. I once had a huge crush on the most gorgeous little Indian princess who had a diamond in her cute little nose.

But let's face it: this anti-Western onslaught is continuing apace. It is hard-core, it is in-your-face stuff, it is too fucking much, and it is only natural that Those Who Can See onslaught back with force-multiplier Ness.

People: it is not 1989 any more. It's not even 1999 any more. It's 2011, the situation is way, Way, vastly, INFINITELY worse than it was before you started paying attention just a few years ago. And it's only going  to get worse. And that is why sometimes the commentary here at COTT can get a little edgy. Because we're sick of the rampant anti-Westernism.

Anti-West is a code word for Anti-Civilization. Blogs like this one stand up to the madness. That's all.

Video from the Times article (Polgreen on the left in pink) :

(Sorry not sure why, it's not letting me embed, Please go here to see this video.)


kev said...

did you see the tuesday piece

More interesting is LA Times cartoon this week...
'anyone against dream act is a racist'

[love you...merry christmas from soviet monica]

Anonymous said...

The caste system is always good for making the MSM squirm. There are usually only two stories.

1) The current one, the caste system is dying out, soon be gone, nothing to see here. Its been on the verge of disappearing ever since I can remember.

2)The caste sytem was created by the British. So its all your fault whitey. (Its true the British wrote certain laws regarding caste, which may even have strengthened the institution but it had already been around a long time.)

A third type of story is much rarer. One which addresses the system without assuming its dying out and without placing most of the blame on the British.

Its a general rule for the coverage of any non-white culture. They dont do anything bad and if they do, not to worry, theyve just about stopped doing it now. And if possible whites will be blamed for the bad thing, the thing thats almost stopped existing anyway.