Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hatred For Nordic Man Leaps Unabashed From the Pages of Amerika's Newspaper of Record :

"Punched Out: The Life And Death of a Hockey Brawler":

"A Drug That Waked Near The End" :

and :

"Lessons In Coping For Children of Deployed" :

Is it clear yet?


Anonymous said...

I dont look at NY Times much..
I did see the magazine section piece on the 2 black men..
on sawed the others head off with a chainsaw
and got 2 years.

HadEnoughToo said...

The hockey story was a good story to read, being a hockey fan and all. Not a good ending, but good article.

Anyways, that's really a reach making that article an example of anti-white media.

Crimes of The Times has really good investigations. For example pointing to how is didn't seem to be a coincidence that some town in PA that on the photo they show a mixed couple. It was good that this site pointed out the demographics show that town only has .5% blacks thus the NY Times I agree were pushing an obvious agenda.

Anyways, I think the hockey article was reaching to suggest it's anything other than it is, a story about his rise to the NHL, the complications, etc. Being a hockey fan and former player perhaps is why I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I see what COTT is trying to say here :

1) NYT attacks hockey because it is the whitest sport

2) NYT only depicts white males when they are either dead or comatose

3) NYT sneakily inserts a photo of a hated euro-male giving the nazi salute in front of a room of school children.

That's what he meant, obviously.

I guess he's been to busy to point this out.

HadEnoughToo said...

Well, I can't argue those three points there. I notice lots of TV shows do the same thing.

Even though minorities commit a larger percentage of crimes in the US, on dramas or sitcoms in their dream egalitarian world, up is down and vice versa. If one was to watch these crime shows enough times without any knowledge of the real world they'd think that whites committed half the crimes or more out there when nothing can be further from the truth.