Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The New York Times Literally Digs Through The Garbage In Search of Dirt On the Marines, While In An Act Of Hypocrisy Incredible Even For Them, Uses The Same Military They Hate In Order To Prop Up The Legitimacy Of The Usurper-In-Chief

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Right below a photo published at the top of today's front page that shows Obama greeting a giant crowd of Marines at Fort Bragg Air Force Base, the verminous little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record had the nerve and effrontery to publish a story entitled "Junkyard Gives Up Secret Accounts Of Massacre," sneakily and with dark, sinister purposefulness  penned by Times communist  Michael S. Schmidt.

So, on the one hand the Times uses the Marines to show what a swell guy our half-Kenyan Kommander in Chief is, right before literally digging through steaming heaps of garbage in an Iraqi dump to dig up dirt on the same Marines they use to make Obama look legit.

Seriously, that's what the NYT did: dig through Iraqi garbage in search of damning evidence of the US Army's armed reaction to a hostile, martrydom-loving, RPG-to-the-teeth armed Islamic scourge before being  handcuffed by suicidal rules of engagement later in the war. And since he who seeks, finds, creepy, treasonous Times journos unearthed piles of secret documents containing sensitive info related to American so-called atrocities in Iraq, that Stone-Age shit heap wrenched by Western innovation in general, and American intervention in particular, from backwardness and a bleak and largely worthless existence. And of course the Times promptly released the juiciest bits of damning, anti-military evidence to their eager corps of America-hating, diversity-enforcing New York Times readership. Seriously, you should read the sanctimonious, morality-competing, self-value-enhancing ("I'm better than you because I hate the Marines  and love the common Iraqi more than you, dude") and highly predictable thoughts expressed by Times readers in the comments section of this article.

Obama Turns His Back On White Marines He Will Later Spit On At Fort Bragg,
While First Tranny Michelle Robonson-Obama Looks On, Sort Of 

As the New York Times congratulates themselves for exposing state secrets, à la Wikileaks, without apparently even being aware of how hypocritical they appear by using the very Marines they attack to legitimize the Usurper in Chief, we at COTT can only SMH.

From the article :

By quoting from transcripts of actual testimony at military tribunals,  the article goes on to make the Marines sound thoroughly stupid, while making the Iraqis appear perfect models of virtue, stunted in the development of their glorious civilization by unenlightened murderous jarheads.

The New York Times: Getting Worse Since 2009.


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killing women and children!

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those aren't marines and Ft Bragg is an Army post.

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